cams 888 sex live 198 It is not moving, afraid to give himself careless sound.
And that means that the lustful picture that has opened up, he likes – turns on.
Lena, with some delay, felt welcome and now two fingers, scurrying back and forth into her vagina, brought much more pleasure than before.
The girl even began to moan a little louder, especially for an imaginary observer.

She was already close to orgasm, when an unusual sound reached her ears.
At first, Lena did not pay much attention to him, fully concentrating on her feelings, but then she suddenly realized.
Eyes wide open.
The sound caught dimensional snouts of the engine.
– Here comes the car! She exclaimed, not daring to move without the order of Benedict.
“Hide yourself, but don’t take your fingers out of yourself,” the Master’s confident voice immediately rang out.
Lena, still holding her hand on her pubic hair, jumped off the hood and ran her eyes, looking for a suitable shelter.
Where to hide? Around – thickets of a bush.
You can, of course, tread a couple of meters at them and sit down in the bushes, but Lena immediately realized that the skin would be scratched.

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Realizing that time was left quite a bit, Elena ran for Oleg’s car, bent behind her in three deaths.
Soon the sound of the engine approached and the car drove into the clearing.
Lena, with a sinking heart, slightly raised her head and looked out through the cabin of the car.
The big black jeep stood for a while and soon stumbled alongside the footpath, driving it into the bushes.
Elena dropped to all fours behind Oleg’s car and closed her eyes.
There was only one thought in my head: “If only I’ve carried it by!” The doors opened, voices were heard.
Loud female laughter.
Obviously, a small company arrived – apparently, it is about the same as Lena’s.
“Continue to masturbate,” came the clear order from Benedict.
“Good,” the girl almost breathed.
The voices were ten feet away.
The same thought persistently climbed into my head – if someone suddenly peeps under the cars, he will immediately see Lena.
And for certain it comes down to look – who is there hiding from prying eyes, finding a very piquant picture.

The girl, obeying orders, began to gently move her hand, feeling how her cave did not think to calm down – there was more than enough moisture inside and fingers movements, even if unhurried, quickly returned the desire to the previous level.
Lena again began to feel the approach of an orgasm, and the company did not even think of going to the beach.
Some guy methodically, as if reading a list of pieces of paper, checked whether they all took with them, closed the car, or all the women slammed on the bottom.
The girls snapped jokingly, but they seemed to have nothing against a pair of voiced slaps.
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