can you take pictures with a webcam I was completely calm.
It is clear that all this was said for me.
And rightly so, they are worried about Marina.

I took the packages from Marina, they were surprisingly heavy.
What did she put in there? Maria Nikolaevna also did not facilitate my task, she now and then remembered something and reported.
I also wanted to share products from the fridge, but I managed to talk it out of it.
As soon as we went out onto the landing, Kirill and Lesha had come unstuck from the spattered window sill.
– Well? – rushed forward Cyril.
– What do you think? Chasing your dick? When the situation was explained to him, there was no limit to disappointment.
I watched with a quiet malice how to get mad at this jock, but I could not do anything.
Be sure to ask Marina about him.
There is something feigned in him, as if he is only pretending to be stupid Ambal.
In his clear blue eyes every now and then an undercurrent of anger and something else slips.
I can not make out what.
– Yes, – Sergey Mikhailovich sneered sourly when we went out into the street.
– You have a car.

Foreign car.
At first I did not understand, but then it came.
Next to my car, someone parked a shabby and crumpled Daewoo Nexia.
In appearance she was more than ten – fifteen years old.
Many scratches, rust, one glass is missing.
The hole is covered with black film.
The owner did not spoil the car.
I silently went to the parking lot.
Sergei Mikhailovich continued to grunt, doubting whether he should even allow his wife and daughter to ride such rubbish.
Marina also understood everything and walked a little ahead, next to me.
A broad smile was already shining on her face.
We winked conspiratorially, and I clicked the alarm.
Sergei Mikhailovich opened his mouth in surprise.
He looked helplessly from one car to another.
There was nothing to say to him.
I once again mentally thanked my parents for the gift. giant natural tits webcam
At the meeting I will definitely thank again, already out loud.
“I’m going with you,” said Kirill, when Marinin’s belongings were packed in the trunk.
– No, – now I have come out hard.
– I am not going to carry, and let the devil know who in the apartment.
– Oh you.
, – the guy got enraged, but Marina and Maria Nikolaevna supported me.

“We can’t force him,” said the woman, it seems she didn’t like Cyril.
“We can’t,” the guy pretended to agree.
Unleash him – he could.
Vaughn fists like squeezes.
– Bubble, you said that by car! We are going after them.
He also can not forbid us.
Here is a snake.
And you can not argue.
I can’t even race on the track with them, I’m carrying too valuable a load.
“Yes, at the expense of the car,” said the fat man, and hesitantly pointed at the shabby Daewoo.
– Here she is.
– It will do, – Kirill frowned with displeasure, but quickly sat in the passenger seat.
The fat man, who is from the actor Lesha, turned into a banal “Bubble”, took the driver’s seat with grunting.
The car stubbornly did not want to start, but he did not give up and continued to try.
It is a pity, but he still managed to start.
I got behind the wheel, made sure that Maria Nikolayevna was in the back seat, and Marina was safely fastened.
The car gently and silently moved.
Daewoo’s grunting followed us.

How not to want these clowns to pursue me.
From them will try to break into the apartment.
But nothing can be done.
Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine my delight and joy when, on the way out of the yard, poor Daewoo sneezed and stalled.
Cyril jumped out of the car and swore dirty, so that pedestrians jumped away from him.
“No luck,” I waved goodbye to him and hurried away.
He was shouting something and seemed to be threatening.
“You really didn’t want Cyril to follow us,” asked Maria Nikolaevna.
– No, that you, I was not against at all, – I declared impudently.
– I could not forbid them.
– Do not mind? The woman grinned approvingly.
– Igor, when you’re lying, you don’t need to smile so widely.
We got to the house without incident.
On the way, Maria Nikolaevna asked many questions, and I tried to answer as honestly as possible.
Only in that part that concerned my parents, was a little bit bustling.
For this you need to prepare separately.
I also tried to ask a few questions, there were strange moments in this whole story that were haunting me, but came across a blank wall.

They were not going to be frank with me.
It’s good that I shot an offensive poster with my image in advance.
We didn’t meet Prokhorov either, so we calmly got to my apartment.
Maria Nikolaevna looked around meticulously studying every little thing.
Her gaze slid over the hangers in the hallway, over the shoes.
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