carrera911 webcam 18 “So you’ll stay alone for a few days.”
The blood rushed to the face when Kevin noticed that the hand of Goran confidently stroked Alina’s hips, which, however, did not feel any embarrassment.
He clenched his fists and gathered all his strength so as not to rush at Master.
It is mean, it is.

Alina laughed and lovingly ran through Goran’s hair.
It was clear that these two were good together.
And for a long time already well.
Alina could not resist and passionately dug into the lips of a man.
Gritting his teeth, Kevin watched the scene.
A whole range of feelings has changed in him – from rage to despair.
Looks like lovers finally remembered the viewer.
– Oh yes.
In general, we will go already, and while you stay here.
In order to avoid any excesses on your part, you will have to take unpleasant, but necessary measures.
Sit near! – Goran pointed to a wooden wall that served as a partition in the chamber.
Kevin obeyed and sat on the floor, leaning against the wall.
– Spread your arms to the side, parallel to the floor!

What happened next, Kevin could not even dream in a nightmare.
Goran took two thin long nails and a hammer. indian live webcam chat
The apprentice panicked.
What is going to do with it? Kevin shouted.
Nails dug into the palm, tightly nailed to the wall.
The pain was monstrous.
He looked with horror at the bloody hands, he was shaking, the tears themselves came to his eyes.
He with a prayer looked at Alina – help me, please, how can you allow this? But I love you.
Love you.
The girl smiled.
Then she turned to Goran and gently pressed herself against him.
– Let’s go, dear! As soon as the door slammed behind them, Alina staggered and fell unconscious.
The man picked her up in time.
Tears rolled down his cheeks, he choked with barely restrained sobs.
He did not know that it was more painful – nails, punched hands or betrayal of his beloved woman.
Idiot, what an idiot he was.
That is why she ended up at the Fortress.
How everything was just explained.
Goran picked her up somewhere and she immediately rushed to his neck.
But how could one descend to participate in all this abomination?

How could he have so mistaken a man? Why should he fight if there is no one left whom he believed? Kevin thought his heart was about to burst with grief.
Pain and resentment overwhelmed him.
In order not to lose his mind, he tried to focus on something, but his thoughts were mixed up in his head.
Shoulders ached from tension, the pain grew like a snowball.
He was afraid to relax his hands so that the nails would not stick into his palms with a vengeance.
For a moment, Kevin simply could not bear it any longer and stopped resisting.
He stopped trying to reduce suffering and relaxed muscles.
At the same second, the head seemed to shatter into fragments from an explosion of crushing pain, and he lost consciousness.
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