caught naked on hidden camera Is that fruit.
– Oksanochka smiled at me.
– But the sun, fruit, eat, please.
I just did not dine without you, I decided to wait, and Seryozha would come home from work, he would like to eat, and here everything is ready for him.

– I also said with a smile.
Oksana sat down at the table and began to clean the mandarin.
– Well, tell me how was your day? – I asked.
– Yes, fine, today the coach said that I played well.
– She answered.
– Ooooh! Congratulations! Well done! Hearing from the coach is always a pleasure to praise.
– I praised the daughter-in-law.
– Yeah, I like to play volleyball.
– She said.
– I can not disagree with you, I myself, in my youth, enjoyed playing volleyball.
– I thoughtfully said.
– Somehow show me a master class? – Oksana smiled.
– But where can I go with you, with a young, yes frisky, I’m already old for this.
– And nothing you are not old!

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Isn’t that old age? – I smiled sadly.
– This is just not old age! The old member is not so worth it! And it’s not at all difficult for me to do this for my beloved father-in-law, and you will definitely find a woman for yourself! I have no doubt about this! You are so sweet and kind.
– She even stood up from the chair to stroke me in comfort, by the hand, saying these words.
– Thank you my good, you are my best daughter-in-law! I love you very much! – I said with feeling.
– I love you too very much daddy! – She answered.
– Thank you dear, I am so pleased to hear this from you! The first declaration of love in the last twenty years.
– Sadly I joked.
– Come on, daddy, do not be sad, everything will be fine for you, I’m sure!

And if you want, I will show you my new sneakers, I bought them today.
Do you want – She asked, looking me straight in the eye.
– Of course I want, honey.
– I said, although I was not at all interested to look at her new sneakers.
If she showed me her underwear, I would love to look at him.
– Now I’ll run away, bring them.
– Oksana rushed to the threshold, where there was a box with sneakers and instantly appeared in the kitchen already with a box in her hands.
I have approximately determined their approximate cost, somewhere in the region of tens.
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