granny boobs webcam I didn’t withstand such pressure for a long time, the body began to shudder, the incredible force of sensation of burning pain, voluptuousness, bliss and bliss pierced my whole body and I finished.
I couldn’t stand it anymore and took the toy away from Guli.
She fell silent and fell to the floor.
I took another cognac straight from the bottle’s throat and leaned back in my chair.

– Come next Saturday, I said and fell asleep.
We met at the OCE.
She was walking with her friend and there was no man who would not turn around and look at her with lust.
Small sprout, chiseled figure, short skirt, high heels.
The girl of a dream.
I do not know why, but she paid attention to me.
A friend almost immediately went diplomatically and we continued our communication together.
It was surprisingly easy with her, we laughed and chatted about any nonsense.
She knew how to keep up the conversation very well, she was cheerful and charming, but a little sad.
It gave her secrets.

On that first day, she didn’t break, as almost all the girls I’d met met broke and gave me that evening, right in the park, in the bushes next to the pavilion of household appliances.
Her relaxedness would envy many.
Being drunk from drunkards, I was quite surprised at how masterfully, without unnecessary constraints, she gave me a blowjob right on one of the quiet alleys, so much so that I immediately finished in her little mouth.
And then, taking me away from the tracks, throwing my jacket on the lawn and throwing off my little panties, I spread my delicious legs in front of me.
Then it seemed to me love at first sight.
Only by this could I explain the trust with which she gave herself to me.
No condoms, no unnecessary barriers.
She immediately allowed “to finish in it.”
How wonderful she moved, how moaned languidly and gently hugged me bribed. granny boobs webcam
Head was spinning.
So from the first date we began to live together.
The only thing that surprised me a little was that she was already an adult 35-year-old girl who had never been married and that she, so beautiful and sexy, had paid attention to me – a modest Muscovite almost 12 years younger than her.

We healed in my modest apartment.
And even if the farm was not her fad, it was generously compensated by violent sex.
Thanks to Lena, I opened new horizons because there were no taboo topics for her and no constraint.
When I wanted to try anal sex, she easily agreed and prepared for this delicately.
No dirt, no problems, if she always knew how.
Lena was very relaxed and offered to lick my ass and even give me a prostate massage, which brought us even closer.
She told me that she graduated from a medical school and that is why she was well versed in a male body from her youth and I certainly had no reason not to trust her.
I flew on the wings of love, no woman has ever given me so much joy and was not so excited about my erotic abilities.
She said that I had a great dick, that I was very temperamental and hot, which was true.
We had sex like rabbits, no less than 2-3 times a week.
Passed the first honeymoon of our love – when Lena said she was pregnant.

My joy knew no bounds.
The tummy of my beloved began to grow rapidly and within three weeks it was well protruding.
Oh, these village girls, like they all quickly – I thought.
Soon the stomach grew even more and Lena and I went to the antenatal clinic.
She was very shy, so I never went to her doctor.
One day she left the consultation all crying.
Some wicked old woman at the reception desk said that she was a little woman and nobody needed a little bag.
I wanted to go and deal with this old fool, but Lena reassured me.
That day I firmly decided that no one else would say that to her.
With a certificate from the consultation we quickly painted.
The case remained for small – Moscow registration, and for this, it was necessary to leave the village, having gone there.
Lena was very worried and did not want to strain me, but I could not send my pregnant wife alone and after much persuasion, reluctantly, Lena agreed, taking with me a promise that when we arrive, I will not interfere with her work.

to stay at her house, because I still can’t help her in any way, and the people in her region are also very unfriendly, and they can even beat a Muscovite.
The only thing that saddened me about the pregnancy was that Lena stopped making love to me – they told her in the consultation that it was very harmful for the child.
But nothing, I will suffer – I thought, although I still did not understand why she could not do me like blowjob.
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