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And Sveta again noticed with horror and humiliation that her head was really beginning to spin, that she inhaled this cloying, musty smell and with every breath inhaled from her licentiousness, from her lack of will and humiliation; as well as the strength and arrogance of his tormentor.
This reception was repeated three more times, and at the end Svetlana Nikolaevna, the former sleek boss with a promising future, was drunk and tormented on a dirty floor.
But this was not the end, the guard didn’t intend to stop his sweet torture.

Light, Light, Light.
Too good a name for a fallen whore like you.
Too light for such a pervert.
You are not worthy of such light.
You are a whore.
So now I will call you.
For me, you no longer have a name, you are no one, my slave, a thing, a bum, a doll, a whore.
You should only call me Master or Master.
Do you understand everything, whore? – shouted the guard, grabbing her hair, putting the sweaty flushed face of a fallen whore to his grinning face.

Yes, my Master, I understood everything, I am your faithful whore forever – I myself do not understand what Svetlana Nikolaevna said.
And somewhere inside the treacherous warmth poured again.
She understood that nothing would be the same as before.
Now she is in slavery, in slavery in a strong young male.
Although he is ten years younger, but how quickly he managed to break it.
He is no match for the men who spread before her.
There were rich and respected, but they all spread out, and this guard, an ordinary person, also younger than her, for some reason, she wants to belong to him now.
But an hour ago you were free, you could breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, spring flowers, do whatever you want.
The last time I pronounce this bright name.
– here the look of the Lord became so warm and kind, he looked like the spring sun, she had not seen such warm looks for a long time. hack into someones webcam
For a minute, Sveta even forgot what happened to her, and everything looked into these tender eyes.

But the hard blow of the slap brought her back to reality, and she again saw the grinning, lustful face of her Master.
Sveta is dead! And you, Whore, now thrust my club into your pussy, smear it with your dirty juices and try to shove it into your anus, as far as you can, you understand, whore? – Yes, I understood everything, my Lord, I will do as you order.
– I would not have done it, you are my Slave.
The gentleman laughed harshly and said: “Now I will go to the ambush, and so that before my arrival you have already advanced ten centimeters, hurry, if you don’t have time, I will punish you! And as a bonus, you will lighten up my ass, because you are also my Toilet Paper.
Sveta, that is, rather, the Whore, took the left stick, examined it and was a little frightened.
The diameter was quite wide, but before that she had engaged in anal sex only a few times, and all the partners were tender and reverent.
But now it was necessary to act as quickly as possible.

In addition, her hands no one relaxed and had to contrive.
The slut put herself a bat in her pussy, getting wet in order at the same time, fucked herself a little while doing so, and almost cummed off everything that happened in just a few frictions.
But the baton was meant for her dirty ass.
Ahh, how unbearably painful it is to thrust it sharply! But there is nothing to do, the Whore groaned, tried as best she could, and now the master returned, and the baton entered the torn anus only 6 centimeters! The Master’s fury knew no bounds: “Phew, Whore, what a clumsy brainless fuck you are! And you work as a manager, in a state bank! What is this? BUT? Who let you in here, you cannot cope even with such a simple task. ”
Then he pulled out a stun gun and hit her through her clothes.
But all the same, the blow was strong, the Whore screamed from the strong pain, and from the fact that the black bat did enter her point by as much as five centimeters.

And now lick my point after the toilet, clean it dry, Fuck! Sveta, not remembering herself, rushed to lick the ass of her Master, and the awakened feeling of obeying the stronger forced her to cover with kisses and his buttocks, she kissed her ass so faithfully and passionately, as if it was some kind of Deity.
Or maybe it was for her now.
Yes, and shoving tongue in the anus after all that happened was already quite a nothing.
The whore worked her tongue in the ass of her Master and for five minutes she was sure that there is nothing better in the world than to lick the asses and serve her Master.
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