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Stronger! I am in no hurry to submit, but continue my exciting work.
But here, in the madness of her lust, she seizes her teeth on the pillow, and I myself, in the throes of admiration, throw back my head and roar like a donkey, as it once happened to me with the luxurious Miss Frankland.
And I feel that the three dots seem to mark the entrance to her uterus, which is closed and biting the top of my Drekol, just as delicious as the cutie Ellen recently did in the forest.

As I come around and start talking to my dear mother, I find that she also lost consciousness and is very insensitive to everything except the convulsive internal movements of her delicious vagina.
I go out and carefully stack.
I bring her a glass with water, a sponge and a towel to her side, open her luxurious thighs, wash the vagina with a sponge, wipe it from the traces of the stream of sperm just poured into it.
Then I spray her face and she comes to her senses with a deep sigh.
And the first words she uttered were: God bless you for the delight in which you threw me! Yes, what a delight! Tell someone who will believe? And suddenly sobs shook her, and she goes into hysterics.
It is strange, I think, which means that I had the same effect on her organs as that of the cutie Ellen, who was not at all accustomed and not developed.

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I calm her down with all sorts of childish ways and ask: How did it happen? Why have you not experienced anything like this before? Oh! my dear boy, she says with a deep sigh, you seem to have penetrated me into the very womb and stirred me up so that I am completely beside myself.
And I do not remember that something like this happened to me before.
The sensations are so unusual that I’m afraid that you would make me a child.
My beloved mom, then maybe I will have a child? Perhaps it will be! – she responds.
“With such a monster, with such a big rooster that it excites us, poor women.”
I tenderly embrace her and say: You have no idea how happy I am only at the thought that I will be the father of your child! Alas! my dear boy! For you, it can and joy.
But what other than grief will this be for me if this happens? Just think: after all, I will lose my position in the world, if this becomes known.
And even if, having gone abroad, I could hide my shame from the public, yet I would have to resort to some tricks and inventions to provide a secret! But never mind, my love, I would put myself at a similar risk twice, just to enjoy your special and keep your affection.
You must cherish and love me, my Charlie, for I am risking my good name and reputation for you.

But now I have to leave, otherwise it would be as if we didn’t miss us.
Try to sleep a little, my dear boy, for I am sure you need it after your efforts.
And remember, you should support your strength – they will be needed this night.
She lovingly kisses me, rises, dresses and leaves me to rest.
But I can not refrain from thinking about what she said about the fear that the faint that occurred during this kind of fucking, is a foreshadowing of fertilization.
If this is the case, I think, then cutie Ellen may be in exactly the same predicament, which means she will have a similar result.
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