indo webcam sex He walked into the room and took the clothes.
I went to the shower and changed clothes.
He returned to the corridor and unfastened it from the wall and led it to the bathroom.
She crawled behind him like a little dog.

He told her to get into the bathroom.
She obeyed.
He soaped a washcloth and began to wash it.
Rub neck, back.
Wiped each bast washcloth.
Put aside washcloth and began to wash the most intimate.
Soap fingers stroked sex lips, penetrated Chud deeper.
In those moments, she paused without breathing.
He told her to get out.
She awkwardly scrambled out and stood with her bare feet on the cold tile.
Goose bumps ran down her skin.
He turned her back to him and bent forward.
From the shelf, he took a rubber pear-enema.
Holding the priests halves with his hand, he inserted the enema tip in the ass and poured a portion of water.

She shuddered slightly.
He filled a pear and poured the next batch. amature teen cam porn
And more, and more.
Her tummy became plump.
She raised her hand.
Do you want to tell me something? – he smiled.
– Speak.
Let me go to the toilet.
– She asked.
Restroom? I just washed you! Do you want me to wash you again? Well no.
She moaned.
In the stomach swelled.
He took her by the collar and pulled.
She knelt down and crawled behind him.
He led her into a large room and allowed her to stand on her feet.
He walked around her stroking his tummy.
He led her to the sofa and threw it over the armrest.
She was breathing heavily.
She barely endured.
He began to massage her back sometimes pressing in the lumbar region.
She crossed her legs barely holding back.
Go to toilet.
She jumped and ran to the toilet.
He grinned.

There was a sound of water.
She washed away, then returned to the room and lay down.
Her ass was in drops of water.
She hurried and really did not wipe.
Taking from the table something similar to a tennis racket, he abruptly slapped her on the right buttock.
And immediately on the left.
She screamed and twitched.
On wet pope was more painful.
He took her by the collar led to the sofa.
The upper part of her body was lying on the sofa, and the lower part was hanging down.
He stepped over with one foot, so that she was between them.
And he began to chill her on the buttocks.
She cried almost immediately.
He hit harder.
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