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Members all changed and changed, so they missed you twice in a circle.
You swallowed sperm, your ass slightly itched from hard fucking, buttocks were burning and were bright pink in color from constant slaps.
All this time they addressed you just like a whore, nipple, whore, slut, bitch, fucking slut, called you their sperm receiver, ending up in your mouth and forcing everything to swallow.

Having caught you two times they decided to take a break and thought what else would they do with you.
At that time you were sitting naked on a bench, sperm flowing from your ragged ass and pussy flowed down your legs.
One of the guys grabbed you by the hair and put your pants down on your back and sat on your face with your ass, you realized what they wanted from you and began to obediently lick the anus to the guy.

Someone came up and several times slapped you on the chest, and then began to twist, squeeze your nipples, then between the breasts they clamped the penis and began to fuck your breasts, squeezing them strongly and roughly.
The guy to whom you licked the anus pulled you off with the words that others also want, so you licked their asses for them one by one.
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You were lying on a bench on your back.
You were roughly grabbed by the hair and put on all fours on the bench. live nude cams
Someone got a belt and started to smack you like a bitch.
You were smacked in the ass but sometimes the belt fell on the legs and back, which was much more painful, but you tried not to moan or whine as it only excited the guys.
Having finished you flog, they all took turns fucking you in the ass, and they ended up solely on your face and mouth.
So all your face was covered with a layer of sperm.
In this case, the guys climbed into your purse, they took your cell phone, wallet, and especially your handkerchief.

So even wipe you had nothing.
But the biggest surprise was waiting for you ahead.
The train stopped, the guys got out: You should get off at the next stop.
You’re lucky that no one came into the car.
You grabbed your topic, it was all wet and sticky, in sperm, they apparently wiped like a towel.
But the worst thing is that someone has worked on it with a razor or a knife.
It was shortened so much that it did not reach the bottom of the chest a little, its lower part was slightly visible.
With the skirt it was the same, it was already very short, and now when its length was shortened, it didn’t fully cover your ass.
All this aggravated the fact that you did not have panties and when you walk the skirt will pull up so that in front and behind you will see your bare pussy and almost the entire ass.
The skirt was also in semen.
There was nothing left for you and you put this trim on you.
Coming out at your bus stop, you quickly went to the side of the bus station.

You still had time for the last bus.
It was late and dark although people still walked occasionally.
You were terribly afraid to meet in such a fucking, frankly fucked up, with dried sperm on your face as someone from your friends, and therefore you decided to walk to the bus stop not along a normal illuminated street but in a deserted dark alley.
It was about 3 minutes.
You’re already happy that maybe no one will see you in this form, you get to the bus, and then you get to the house in the empty bus in the backseat: You were going to bypass the last house behind which was a bus stop.
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