live webcam tv He tried to stop loving her, but her voice, the pain.
could not let go of his heart.
He was destined to be always behind, touching her neck, hugging.
but not see her gaze.

He dreamed of seeing her eyes, it seemed to him that they should be like the sea, like a ray of the sun, her deep and airy eyes seemed divine to him, but his dream was not destined to come true.
For thousands of years, centuries, years, hours, minutes and trillions of seconds rushed past, mercilessly.
they seemed to cry, time seemed to stop in those seconds when he touched her, when they were one! Billions of attempts to see her face, look into her bottomless eyes.
and again he became foam at her feet.
sea ??foam caressed her legs.
tears dripped from her eyes.
diluting pain.
their hearts were breaking, but he dreamed that he would still see her face, her eyes, he hated her, he dreamed of her death, he loved her, he laughed for her, he lived in hope.
hope of death, he lived for her, ready to give everything.

although what he had.
die now he is in battles or a bad step.
death would have seemed to him nonsense, nonsense.
the dream of death, the dream of her look, of her kiss, all intertwined, time, passion, pain and fear.
mad fear.
a fear that could be compared only with the sky, with that sky which gives life and takes away everything from a person, leaving an eternal pain.
– My initials.
L- Livshits, A- Alexander.
And she.
But sometimes I write A.
always try to change.
I pay tribute to the name and surname.
In my opinion it is important.
At the moment, the choice is in government securities.
Last name then first name.
No offense.
Like this! L.
Favorite but fucking.
They are so different, unlike each other not a drop but at the same time complementing themselves with this or that Ono.
She L – Angel but the former.
The angel is not fallen. caught webcam masturbating
Sold! Wings! Sold the wings! Previously, waving them, I came to unexplained naslozhdenie.
Now stomping them too, just the same.

Used to make love.
Now fuck (as she calls it).
Before – I breathed to her, inhaled and exhaled, drank, ate, smoked, thought, saw, imagined her.
Now – I’m angry, swearing, burping, coughing, getting sick, nervous to Her.
She will always be like “earlier and now” she is past.
Making love to her was great, fucking awful.
Very reminiscent of youthful masturbation.
Often coming, taking a cigarette, L should hit me and give me all her opinion about me.
The eternal “Go to the Dick” replaces her with “hello” or the usual friendly “hello”, a kiss on the cheek reminds her of coercion, after a while she calms down and makes me stand.
Imperceptible sex is fast and a little that allows it (according to her) only just in the moment the parish appeared.
She fucks me.
No more, no less.
She does not agree with the fact that we need two.
Exactly – two are needed but she must want! Femenism in her face and wins the most persistent oppositionists.
For her, they are no one.

To protect against this infection (femenism), I often took the most sensible point of view, but honestly it did not help much.
The top was taken only by agreement under the mask.
Masks now.
Before love! Great word! L never recognized him.
Despite all my efforts.
L still remains not clear to me.
Former present angel: all the same though the past, past, past: it is A -: I do not even know where to start.
brought me when I was bad very bad.
She gave me what L.
did not give once.
When people, having heard my opinion about her appearance, were reproached, I defended! Admired, I persecuted! Stupid? Yes! I know this perfectly well, but I cannot agree, forgive me, just with A.
very much connected.
A lot of unclear and incomprehensible! Her second lie is me, I’m not her first, but my second one.
Second lover! (it’s not even customary to say so – a lover).
Recently, after wonderful sex, she remembered that before me, the bitch had her one more (how do you like the font?) But he was not like me, he was worse!

Her boyfriend wears a heavy load, huge horns! He is a cuckold! I’m a goat! Just a goat! For all plans of aesthetics, I am wrong !!! I put on all aesthetics! She is not right that she thought of such things, neher was !!! Feelings are much higher than moral concepts! (I screamed something exclamation) I love her, I am jealous and I hate, I give, I betray and I adore, I’m captivating her by the sun, by a girl and: to many more.
I am treaded by her poisoning in bed and pleasant sighs during the process itself.
She is gentle, feminine and trusting.
She caresses and does not require affection, but I myself give her to her.
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