mature cams anal Uff.
Need to switch.
You can not be so impressionable.
I will describe my new home.

I live in a boarding house with other girls – students of Philip (he asks that he was called so – Philip).
I did not say that he takes only girls? And in an interview I saw on YouTube, he said that he did not work with dancers, because for the result, “chemistry” between the sexes is very important (he said so).
And he trusts gays to bring up dancers.
He said so.
Ah, those French.
So here.
We live in Villen-sur-Seine, this is such a village near Paris, in a two-story cottage, built especially for us.
There is a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a terrace with palm trees and hell knows what else I haven’t studied yet.
Philip deals with us in the studio (a separate building next to the cottage), and he lives nearby, 5 minutes walk.
I haven’t had one yet, and the girls were all, of course.
They hinted to me that the first visit to his home was almost a ritual of some kind, like an initiation.

I do not know, maybe I did not understand them.
They are all cool.
There are nine of them, six French women – Martha, Lucy, Anet, Dominic, Sophie and Tanya (yeah, French Tanya, red one), and two more American women, Janice and Susan, and one Spaniard, Lysel.
And I.
Ten future stars of world ballet.
They all traveled with him the whole world.
I did not see how they dance, but they are all so stunningly beautiful and light, as from another world.
True, two of them have already told me that they have not seen anyone beautiful in life.
Lucy and Tanya.
Well, French.
And I introduced them to Chloe. falmouth live web cameras
And now they all call me that, I’m already used to it.
It seems that I have known him for many years.
Before birth.
I forget that I speak with him in a foreign language, I forget that I am a student, a new one.
I forget everything in the world, except for dance.
He reads my mind.
Everything that he says (and HOW he says, how he looks at me, how he touches, guides) – everything somehow surprisingly gets into me, right into the bull’s eye.

I understand his every look.
My body does not belong to me, it becomes easier, as if out of thin air, and his thoughts are given away.
He leads my body, and I float nearby.
It seems to me that we are made for each other, and I would have thought so if I didn’t know that he had ten of us like that, and he is enough for everyone, for each of us.
He is a friend to me, I want to tell him everything, all of myself, and only the fact that he has his own life stops me, and you can’t overfeed him with yourself.
But still, I tell him everything, I can not help it.
Even about that nightmare with paint.
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Andrei was the only one in the company who remained in clothes during the session, although I clearly saw his dick sticking out of his pants.
But he never beat himself up.
I was amazed by this resilience! I was still lying in the chair with my legs apart, the three guys pawed at me, saying how they wanted to fuck me, and I watched Andrew.
He undressed on the sidelines, looking at what the guys are doing with me.

Yes! Colleagues, I almost forgot! It is very important that during the therapy, none of its holes are empty.
Otherwise, all the treatment will go down the drain.
Do you understand? Oh yeah.
– I heard a greedy whisper.
The most agile was Yura.
He walked over to the chair from the side where my head lay and shoved his cock into my mouth.
I began to suck his powerful trunk and really dragged.
Seryoga, meanwhile, fell in front of my pussy and wanted to enter.
I’ve told! Not a single hole is empty! – loudly pulled his Andrei.
And what to do? On a chair three of us is not comfortable! Yes? The dock said sarcastically.
– And who said that the holes should be filled exclusively with huyami? On, insert it! – and handed him an anal plug.
Serega’s eyes gleamed.
He inserted a cork into a well-developed anal hole, and he entered his pussy.
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