naked cam babes Seryozha and I, of course, were assigned the roles of female students.
We decided to carefully prepare your image and went shopping: they started with wigs, I chose blond on the shoulder blade, Seryoga – black car, bought bows, because the outfits were ordinary schoolgirls: skirt, apron, blouse – ala white top, black bottom.
Bought false nails and eyelashes, underwear.
We chose clothes for a long time, we even began to look askance.

And here is the long-awaited day of the performance.
I got up early, smoothly shaved my whole body and put on my mom’s lotion.
I have long been pleased to enter the image.
There was no special dressing room at the school, so Seryozha and I decided that we would be dressed at home, and we would reach the school by taxi.
Until my mother woke up, I started to dress up.
I got the things I bought the day before: black stockings on a wide elastic band, a black belt for stockings and a set — openwork thongs and a bra, filled the cups with second size water balls, put on a school uniform, apron and black patent leather high-heeled shoes.
I looked at myself in the mirror: I was irresistible, straight legs in stockings, a skirt just closes the elastic stockings, round alluring ass, slim waist and chest of the second size.

Just above the shoulders a guy was looking at me. hidden camera kerala sex videos
It was necessary to correct this misunderstanding and I went to wake up my mother.
She helped me with makeup, nails, eyelashes and a wig.
Clips, a few drops of perfume and a clutch with a make-up and a mirror finished my image.
Mom kissed me, wished me luck and called a taxi.
Coming out of the entrance, I was a little nervous, because for the first time I go outside in this form.
Opening the door of the taxi, I called the address in a girlish voice and smiled awkwardly, waiting for exposure.
But the driver did not even guess! Somewhere in the middle of the way, he started a conversation: he told something, asked something, started making compliments, and he himself no longer looks at the road, but at my legs in stockings and at the gum stockings, which seemed when I was sitting down.
I decided to fool around a bit, turned sharply with my whole body towards the window, as if I saw a friend, and pulled my skirt with my hand so that the whole ass was bare.
After sitting in that position for a few seconds, I sat up straight and straightened my skirt.
The driver was crimson red! No doubt he only looked at me all this time.
I felt fun and pleasant.
That’s when I realized what a Nicole bitch is!

When we drove up, the driver asked to write down his number, with a radiant smile, told to call at any time, take him to wherever and for free.
I already met Danil with my lustful eyes, I took his arm and we went to the assembly hall.
The hall was full of people, the whole school was here !!! But I was no stranger to everything.
The program was a great success.
After the performance, behind the curtains, Danil approached me, hugged, kissed my cheek, and again with his left hand crawled under the skirt and began to stroke the ass, as if by chance touching the hole with the middle finger.
I did not resist, already accustomed to his antics.
– Do not rush to leave, let’s celebrate the whole troupe a successful way – he said to me, removing his hand.
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