nancy333 bongacams The whole day I was darker than a cloud, I was very afraid to go home, but it was a shame to tell my girlfriends about what happened.
The lessons are over, and oh, horror! Mother came for me.
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After talking to the teacher, she firmly took my hand and led me to the car.
All the way we drove in silence.
When I arrived home, I, as always, changed into my favorite jeans, washed and went to dinner, had lunch with my mother and nanny, and thinking that everything was forgotten, I went to do my homework. teen fingering herself on webcam
Two hours later, when the lessons were finished, my mother came into my room, and in a calm voice told me about the system of my upbringing that I would be punished for all the crimes, and the best and correct punishment for children is flogging, since “Beating” determines consciousness “, and that my butt, created specifically for these purposes.
If I resist her, I will still be punished, but the portion of the punishment will be doubled or tripled! nancy333 bongacams