nicole smith webcam He fucked everyone skillfully: The wives of strangers and whores, He did it with feeling, He did it like for people, But once he understood that he was so cool, But even the horses, Posterev, are tired !. And once he locked the Lonely home. The whole city immediately stopped, saying goodbye to the "king", And sobbed into the pillow Hundreds of women in the night, As if he took their souls And the keys from happiness! And on the square, in the center of the Monument erected, Like a hero, like a son of Our ancient land !.

Gradually grew old All whom he caressed, Sang only the minstrels, Not sparing praise !. Young girls Teasing guys: – Not really left On the land of "kings" ?! And the guys tried, But the hardening was not the same, And the girls gathered To find the old man, They saved a little money, So that for the first days, We went to the bathhouse together And left in the morning !. Soon the money ran out, But for them, the heroines, That's all – not a problem: Just spread your legs!

Many different people, Many seen places. And the girls were sad: – But is he actually there ?! So the city ended, Only taiga everywhere – Either into the forest, or to school It was just fate! And besides: suddenly people From their native land They will not believe, they will condemn, They will say, they say, zabli: They found the hero And, to quench their passion, They began feeding the sacred hedgehog! And they decided that their life would be better here, and in the forest on the edge of their wolves! Suddenly one, younger (Seven or nine years old) Says: – It can not be There – hut! Look! And the old man of gray-haired One hundred and fifty years, This is – he is immediately visible, This is our monument! Flew like beasts, (The right is a weak example) Withdrawing their trousers to measure Legendary that dick! Though a lot on the road They were eblo man, But such a shaft Not met forever! And they began to pray, That he remembered the year, Where he was revered, As a Hero of Labor!

My grandfather thought: – Well, okay, you won't leave alive, I am pleased in the wild: There is peace and flowers here! As a shish kebab I impale This fucking army, From the sacred fuck Nobody escape! And now at the forest, Where dawn is dormant, There lives a hundred and eighty years old rake! nicole smith webcam I turn on the TV Games in Sydney to watch. Instead of rowing a big man there, Vygreb tits is a sin to stare, But instead of methane nuclei I began to crush them with all my might, And then this bl # di X: th spear in n: I stuck it. From this – not to rowing, It is better to watch swimming, You can not see it under the water: Is it just spraying from bare bodies? I flipped over to shooting On the running elephant. I looked, my, They beat there x: I eat on the table. Who will hit harder at once – Tom is immediately the main prize – A naked hand is handed, To f: al under a loud squeal. Well, better – acrobats, Twist the penis-log, Then wrap the eggs, That is delayed by the mouth.

But with tennis promashka – Group now goes. On the grass a game of "daisy" – If finished – the game does not count. Only to America and Australia Here medals are distributed. The rest of the third countries X: n bite with envy. From such an Olympiad Just head spinning – On the screen, only bl # di, But the sport – not a damn thing. one. Something, I haven’t slept lately: It's terrible to fall asleep for me – I get scared in my sleep Every evil forest is all a dream, Strange monsters climb to me. 2 I only fall asleep, I see different dreams: As if I live in the forest like a monk Silently sneak there forest elves In soft boots, green pants. 3 They walk past – not even a crunch. The eared squad comes to visit. I meet the good neighbors in order, Though a monk, but I also welcome the guests. four. A wonderful thing: in the detachment, only maidens. Maybe they have matriarchy there? I ask them the question: "So are all of you women here?" Those just laugh and look strange.

five. The face is beautiful, with a nice figure. Sit at the table: "Treat us, monk!" Eat sweet, all healthy "fools", Something is bumping each in his pants. 6 Sharp ears and dark skin, As if frost glistens in hair. Everything, in my opinion, is similar to each other. Wonderful speeches are heard in their mouths. 7 Though it is difficult, but I understand their speech: You can gossip for life and for everything. Hearing pricked, I listen to their stories: Bylyam forest and about that and about that. eight. The virgin one among all stood out in the Article and in power, in the sadness in her eyes. nicole smith webcam<##26img##>