samsung galaxy webcam I missed this laugh past my ears, because my task is unusual, but it is painfully simple to pussy to the fuck as soon as possible.
I enter the Mudili office, open the locker, and there Pidrylych’s love and pride is a broom.
I take it out and put it on the sofa.
And now for the cause, somewhere here the chef hides a nest egg, we ought to grab her, anyway, he will not think of me.

Will a person who has transferred $ 10,000 to steal money today? The answer our man will become.
So where is the secret box? Yeah, here he is under the sofa.
Who would have thought.
Not even closed.
I open, wow, a couple of bucks.
In my opinion today is a good day.
Then suddenly there is a flash and a click of the camera.
I turn around.
Bah! Eshkin-cat is our plumber Uncle Kolya “Cousteau”.
By the way, a few words about this remarkable person.
This original chase was not given to him accidentally, as he is a short, lean, elderly peasant like Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
And he goes to the constant in a blue knitted hat and in a blue tracksuit.

And as Cousteau is looking for something in the water, the truth is not sunken cities, but rags that clog the sewers. samsung galaxy webcam
– Hello Uncle Kolya.
And the chief asked me to take a broom, today we are going to the bathhouse – I begin to foolishly make excuses to him.
– I see Alice.
And he asked you to take the bucks too? Ah Alice how are you a girl with a top education dropped to theft? I stand looking down like a guilty schoolgirl.
“How do you think Mudil Pidrilovich will react if I show him a photo?” Keep quiet
Oh well.
Alice, stealing is a terrible sin.
If you can sin – be able to repent.
Come with me, you will atone for your sin.
I’m going, there is nothing to do, and “Cousteau” says: “Oh, how good it is that Mudila Pidrilovich littered the toilet, this fish has caught me in the last 20 years.”
And he undresses me with his eyes.
We come to his storeroom.
And there before it was written on the door “govnochist”, but Uncle Kolya quickly painted over this inscription.
But then you got a gold plaque at the chef that now hung on the door.

I read: “The toilet man of the master Gorshkov N.
M “.
Yes ! The same should be so-so flatter.
I went into the closet, and he said to me: – So Alice change into a special clothes, on the first floor the toilet is clogged.
– What am I to do with it, Uncle Kolya? – How to do with it? And who will atone for your sins? Pushkin eh? So change your clothes without talking.
“He gave me a roll of wire in my hands, which they usually cleaned the sewer.”
I changed clothes.
Came to the toilet.
That same toilet where Karinka and I are, ah! a fresh tradition, but hard to believe.
So I get up on all fours trying to push the wire into the tube, not shit.
Well, Cousteau blasted off, saying that he had never seen a more stupid heifer in life.
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