sex teen cam Breaking through the blockade, only the head penetrated.
But this was enough for her to groan: Aa-a.
The pain was so intense, almost unbearable.
It seemed to her that she was torn to pieces.

In the eyes darkened.
She arched her back like a cat, preparing for protection, and leaned forward.
But Dima did not let her pull away, holding her by the hips.
Without letting her get off her, with his second hand he began to stroke her back, saying: Quiet, quiet, my girl.
Be patient a little, the pain will soon subside.
Try to relax.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe, my good.
Gradually coming to her senses, heeding him, tried to relax.
Took a deep breath.
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Relaxed back, becoming exactly.
Still take a deep breath.
The pain began to move away.
But she did not pass completely.
She was still impossible.
Everything is good, everything is good, – Dima continued, stroking her.
Then he gently patted on the back, – relax, my good.
She bowed her head to the pillow.
Stretched her arms in front of her and relaxed them.
Still breathing deeply, she tried.
get used to her new position: her head was below the buttocks.
But it was not so easy to get used to the new sensations.
The pain was still there.
Passed her sharpness, but it has not completely subsided.
And it is unlikely to subside, she thought.
How do you? – Dima asked.
All this time he did not make any movements, wanting, apparently, that she returned to her feelings.
Okay, she replied, tolerantly.
Her breathing became even.
Dmitri began light shaking movements.
She, in turn, has already begun to feel something besides pain, namely, that something is happening in her. sex teen cam