take picture through webcam Where is the best? Going to Sergey’s apartment (or house?) Is definitely not an option.
The girl desperately did not want to be alone with him in a foreign territory.
Invite to yourself? Perhaps better this way.
Apartment in a guarded complex, there is a “disturbing” button.

No, she wouldn’t be sure that Volkov would once again rush to rape her, but at one glance at his bulging figure of muscles and coarse face, there was a desire to give up all valuable things and to promise not to tell anyone anything in a thin voice.
“After couples, I have,“ well done, girl, my voice almost does not tremble, ”“ Let’s begin today. ”
– OK.
We’ll start earlier – we’ll finish before – Sergei grinned again, and Olga desperately wanted to cut a handbag over his shaved head on baldness, – See you, baby.
“Break, I need a break.”
Removing the disobedient strand from her face, the girl mentally went over the results of the last three days.
To her surprise, Sergey appeared on “training” on time, he was not rude, did not speak vulgarities.
That’s just the desire to at least somehow pull up knowledge on the subject did not show the slightest.
It seems that he was just “hatching” the established time, thinking about something of his own, answering her questions in a monosyllabic way and completely ignoring attempts to bring at least something from the program.

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“And what the hell does he even walk here?” – Olga gritted her teeth in anger, – “And it’s not a moron, though she pretends to be.
Well, why am I this, eh? All this! ”Over the past days, the attitude of the girl towards the imposed student has changed from a cautious mistrust to pure, uncluttered rage.
Why is that? Olga herself did not understand why, after only three days of short talk, she was convinced that this guy, who looked like a fairytale monster, would in no way harm her.
Well, I felt – and that’s it.
So the fear was gone, giving way to desire, with your fists rammed into someone’s bald head with a little bit of knowledge.
The seminar is already tomorrow, and the chances that Volkov will distinctly write assignments are none.
And the Moray eels always keep their promises.
When she awoke, Olya suddenly realized that she was already staring at her broad shoulders for a good five minutes, wondering how they felt.
And damn it, she almost reached out to find out! For the last time in recent days, she wanted to groan in despair, because, in “All this!”, Besides the desire to hit the guy three times more than herself, she had a whole bunch of other, far more strange and frightening desires.

To begin with, Sergey was the complete opposite of Igor and not at all.
in the taste of Oli.
But already at the first meeting, the girl, bending along with a dull student over a book, suddenly lost her mind and froze, falling out of reality for a moment.
If Igor was always fragrant with expensive toilet water, then only the smell of a clean body and something else, elusive, which caused Olga to her shame, pressed against the guy much stronger than necessary.
And even after Sergey left a lot, it seemed to Olga that she feels this masculine smell in the room and on her clothes.
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