teen sex webcam video He was engaged in digging into my things.
– I choose your outfit! Now we will go to one place.
Go shopping.
Do not forget the money that we saved on business trips.

“One place” was a sex shop in the neighboring area.
And here we are standing in the middle of a small hall full of various toys, dolls, lingerie and erotic discs.
– Good day.
We need some toys for this whore.
I blushed deeply.
Are they going to humiliate me with every meeting? First the taxi driver, now the seller of the sex shop.
The seller was a mannered, oddly dressed guy, much like a fagot.
– Of course, of course, what would you like? He was delighted.
– To begin with – a gag, so as not to talk a lot.
– Look, we have masks.
– No, no masks.
– Then gags.
The seller began to show different balls with straps, but Zhenya rejected them one by one.
– Here it is !.
He exclaimed suddenly.
Well, let’s try it on. busty emo webcam I doomed to open my mouth, and a strange construction was inserted into it.
So that I did not get rid of it – they fastened the straps on the back of my head.
I could not squeeze the jaws, besides my mouth was filled with something latex.
The seller Immediately began to advertise the device: – An excellent choice, look how it goes! In this gag she can only moo.

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In addition, if you want to use her mouth, pull out the cap.
He clapped his mount and the latex gag left my mouth, but I still couldn’t close my jaws.
– And you can safely fuck her in the mouth, she can not stop you.
– Now let’s try! Not at all ashamed of the seller, Zhenya unbuttoned his pants.
No, the seller is exactly gay, with what interest he stared at the already standing member.
And Zhenin had a double count in my mouth, and I really couldn’t stop it.
The device did not allow clenching of teeth, and I only felt my tongue and palate scurrying a member.
– Great, you can even shove in the throat! I was scared that he would try it now.
Especially since his dick rested against my glands.
But thank God, it cost.
The member left my mouth, and his place was again taken by a latex plug.
– Probably you any devices for binding, bondage to offer? Handcuffs? – No, handcuffs are not necessary.
Zhenya smiled and added thoughtfully.
– So then, give us the clothespins on the nipples, that stick, so that the legs were spread.
While the seller was getting these things, my tormentor silently approached me and lifted the topic up.
Is he going to test them here? And if someone enters? Here’s a shame then? I did not dare to resist, just flushed with shame.

The salesman slid indifferently over my bare chest and handed Gene the clamps.
After a few seconds, they closed on my nipples.
I shuddered at the sweet pain that had pierced me.
The body instantly covered with goosebumps, I bit my lip so as not to scream, and closed my eyes, listening for sensations.
No, I was not a masochist, and the pain rather brought down, rather than excited me, but manipulations with nipples were always my weak point.
And here also in such an environment.
I opened my eyes: Zhenya was adjusting a strut to my ankles, and the salesman boy was watching with a smirk.
I hope buyers don’t come to this store very often.
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