webcam couple records After class, I deliberately long picked my bag to wait until my whole group left.
We stayed together.
I realized that it was time for me to take the initiative.
I pulled up a chair just in case so that no one could enter.

Dasha rose.
I approached her, grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the wall.
She wrapped her arms around my neck.
We began to kiss, hands, I stroked her hair.
After a few minutes of passionate kisses, I moved to a chair, and she saddled me, so I buried my face in her chest.
We just sat there without opening our arms.
In the evening, we left the university together.
I felt good, she said. webcam couple records
Me too.
I do not know what will come of it.
What’s the difference? Live for today and everything.
Yes, she was right.
We were interesting to each other, and fleeting novels have not been canceled.
I was not alone in kissing, I wanted to get more from her, and I arranged to meet with her the next day.
On Saturday morning I met her in a cafe.
After drinking coffee, we went to the park, where we reached a bench.
It was quiet, there were no people around.
You want me? – Dasha asked conspiratorially.
And how – I grinned.
She reached for the fastener of my pants.
What, right here ?! – I asked, cautiously looking around.
Sit quietly, have fun.
I realized that I had no choice, made sure that there were no people around, and relaxed I leaned back on the bench.
Dasha unbuttoned my fly, squatted in front of me and began to knead my dick, which was becoming harder.
I was happy.
She began to caress the tongue head. webcam couple records