webcam from china I have long wanted to get into this department, only to carry the law to the place where it is least of all – to the electronic world of illusions, where everything impossible is possible, and there is so much freedom that it often affects the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimpunity.
I am a 22-year-old graduate of the academy, an excellent student and a sexy short-haired brunette whose ass every man on our planet wants.
But I decided to give my life not to the satisfaction of the desires of the beautiful Apollos, but to the public service and the service of morality, law and morality.
The first task was the most difficult for me, since from the very beginning of my studies, I, now Lieutenant of the special department of the Office “K”, a student of excellence Nina Sinelovskaya, has established herself as the best of the best.

It was very hard, but I managed, because I had no other choice, because this is the very beginning of my life, in which the fight against criminals will always be first place.

The knowledge that is given in the field of psychology in the academy, contrary to all opinions and prejudices, is an order of magnitude higher than that I could get at the Psychology Department of Moscow State University.
I was able to make an approximate portrait of the suspect in three sentences, which helped me a lot in the future.
I went to the office of the major, who congratulated me on joining the Department, said many pathetic words and immediately gave me a sealed envelope that read “Top Secret.
Sinelovskaya. ” busty bbw webcam
– Congratulations, Nina! This is a good start, but your first task will be very difficult and, if you can handle it, the glory about you will reach the ears of the Deputy Minister himself.
He oversees this task.
He shook my hand and I, giving him the honor, left.
Coming out of the office of the chief, I opened the envelope and saw the name “Pure Breath”.
I read everything that was in the envelope and I realized that this is a special kind of maniac who, in addition to everything else, also provokes the blood-guard organs, but it is not possible to catch him, although he regularly contacts the Mail.

Only I was able to calculate it, because I was created for this.
I went to his page in “My World” and read the stories he writes and, to my great surprise, I had a rather contradictory idea about this person, but at the first steps I understood that he was a brilliant psychologist.
I understood that it was impossible to start it “unwind”.
I read all the contents of this case: Captain Kira Alekseeva’s attempt to leave under the non-existent page of a 13-year-old girl and provoke him to a meeting, the work of a psychologist from Moscow State University, Doctor of Science Anna Lianozova, who “locked up” under Mrs. and conducted virtual BDSM sessions, trying to force our maniac to surrender, have failed.
But suddenly, while reading the reports of my predecessors, I understood something.
It suddenly dawned on me! All my colleagues, who treated him like a simple maniac, did not even delve into the essence of the game “Real Domination”, the essence of which he tried to convey to them openly, without hiding anything in his stories.

Indeed, we were taught to look for clues everywhere in the subtleties behind the meaning, but we never considered situations where a maniac directly reports everything about himself.
I realized that, drowning himself in an ocean of lies, he was experiencing a wild lack of truth, and only this truth was the only one important for him.
I created a page, added it there and began to wait, in parallel making a huge amount of very high-quality photos of my photos in stockings and pantyhose, since I was already beginning to understand his psychological image and the essence of his basic desires and dreams.
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