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– Oh, you, sticking up, in the bath, I will go to Znayka then, maybe he can help, – Dunno waved his hand.
The path to Znayka lay through a small park, which the little ones broke on the bank of the Ogurtsovaya River.

The park had a small theater where a performance was to take place this Sunday.
Therefore, all week the musician Guslya and the poet Tsvetik rehearsed their performances, and the artist Tube painted the scenery.
However, today, for obvious reasons, Gusl did not come to the rehearsal.
Passing by the theater, Dunno noticed Tube and Tsvetik.
They sat on a bench and tenderly embraced.
– You want to say, you did not cheat on me with this dork Gusley? – nervously asked the artist Tsvetik.
– Well, you, sweetie, I love only you.
And how do you only such nasty thoughts come to mind, nasty! Well, come here, my sugar ass, ”said Tub, tenderly, unbuttoning his pants and dropping to his knees in front of him.
– Yes, Tube, yes!

And then take me from behind !!! – groaned Flower.
At that moment, a booze appeared in the wrinkle, a barbed bumbler Syropchik, dressed in some nasty, smelly rags, appeared from behind the bushes.
With a swinging gait, he went to the urn, which stood next to the bench, and fished out a bottle, at the bottom of which there was still some beer left.
With a sharpened movement of the hand, the syrup has knocked the remnants of frothy liquid into itself, burped with relish, and put the bottle in the bag. topless teen webcam
– Fuuuu! What an abomination! – Shouted, who was watching this scene, Tsvetik, painting his face with his hands.
– Dick suck, fag smelly! – responded Syropchik and once again burped.
Dunno decided not to interfere in the clash of Bohemia with the proletariat and hurried to the house of Znaika.
He lived on a hill, away from the rest of the little ones, and spent days at a computer.
According to him, he was engaged in programming for high-performance multiprocessor systems, but there were rumors among the kids that Znayka was a cool hacker.

The door of the house was not locked, and Dunno went inside.
He climbed the stairs to the second floor and was about to yell a swearing greeting, when he heard moans and a loud whisper.
Carefully looking around the corner, he saw Znayka, who was standing in front of a computer without panties and masturbating furiously, looking at the monitor.
There, by two-thirds, a pornographic picture was loaded, depicting a short man tied to a chair in a muzzle, on whom a blue-eyed baby was urinating.
(“Yes, this is Sineglazka!”, – Dunno whispered to himself, remembering his adventures in the brothels of the Green City).
Sineglazka was wearing leather and holding a seven-tails whip.
– Yes! Yes! Humiliate me, mock me – Znayka moaned, tugging furiously at your dick, – stick needles at me, feed me with your feces, tear my ass with sandpaper.
Suddenly he stopped his manipulations, straightened his glasses and, going up to the closet, pulled out a large, half-decomposed grasshopper.

Znayka with difficulty dragged him onto the bed, fell in behind and started humming “Imagine, imagine – he never expected.
Imagine, imagine – this is the end! ”, While performing reciprocating movements with the pelvis.
“Oh, oh, oh, when my dream will come true, and I will be able to nakakat in a beautiful blue hat Dunno! – shouted Znayka during orgasm.
“Yes-ah,” thought Dunno, carefully retreating to the exit, – “It’s better not to meddle with this freak, he just raised his brains with electrons.”
Coming out of the house, Dunno immediately stumbled upon Pillkin with a cog, which apparently had already cracked down on the sideburns.
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