adult sex websites He pulled it up as far as possible, so the wide leg went up along the slender leg, much higher than necessary, exposing the sharp little knee.
Quickly examining and feeling the swollen place, he issued a verdict: – It’s okay.
Tight dressing, rest, and a couple of days will be able to walk.
Kolka, get the first-aid kit out of the car! Threw Kolka immediately dragged the required.

Putting on a bandage and admiring a slender leg a little more, the man got up and walked away two steps.
– So it is.
– he began – to go she, of course, can not, and you yourself understood it.
We are not against you to give a lift, but you understand, nothing happens for free.
We don’t need money, we still have enough of our own.
But there is a suggestion – Kolka and I will fuck your wife once and for all.
When the meaning of his words reached me, I immediately found myself between him and my wife, clenching my fists.
– Quiet, quiet! – Peter conciliatory raised his hands – you do not understand.
We’re not any rapists.
We do not insist.
Do not agree – run away.
We will go further, you will stay here, that’s all.
No crime.
Only today no one will go here, and tomorrow, maybe, too.
Or just once, and we will take you home.
Think about it, consult with my wife.

With these words, she and Kolka went to the car and lit a cigarette. adult sex websites
Having faded the first anger, I sat down next to my wife and thought.
– Did you hear? – I asked her.
– Yes.
What do you think? – I will not give them to you, of course.
But we can’t get out without them.
She was silent.
– And you firmly decided? Do not spend the night here.
Maybe still give? – It seems that the prospect of staying in the forest scared her not much less than men.
– What are you saying! – I was outraged.
How can I agree to this? – Well, well, maybe they will agree to a blowjob? Well, think, suck.
nothing wrong.
This was already a more acceptable decision.
Thinking well, I came to the conclusion that it was probably better not to come up and went to the negotiations.
– So, men.
We talked.
in general, we only agree on a blowjob.
Or leave, we will manage somehow.
I turned around and headed back.
Not long after consulting, they approached us.
“Okay,” Peter grinned. “We agree, let him suck.”
Only so that with all diligence, and not anyhow.
Well, the question seems to be resolved.
Now, two quick blowjob and home.
– Only you this.
sit there and turn away.
And then I am ashamed.
– whispered wife in my ear.
– Of course, dear.
– I reassured her, although I already knew that I would not fulfill her requests.

In anticipation of the spectacle, I sat under a birch tree in a meter away from them and turned away slightly, however, squinting my eyes, I noticed everything to the smallest detail.
The first, as expected, was Peter.
Becoming in front of his wife.
He slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his half-suspended, but nonetheless inspiring respect for the size of the dick.
– Suck! he said simply, poking his head in her face.
Taking the penis in her hands, she examined him, licked her head, grimaced and sent into her mouth.
Diligently sucking at him, raising his hand at the root and turning over the testicles, she achieved that the dick stood up completely.
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