amateur mature webcam When I managed it myself, and in general, I did not need it.
Of course, I took her, but not as my equal assistant, as I had dreamed all the difficult years, but as a simple secretary.
She felt a hostess in me and began to obey.
On the threshold I was met by Lelka in a seductive peignoir, painted according to the suit of the tiger.

He was so short that he covered almost nothing.
“Hello, my dear,” she said, hugging me tightly, “tired today?” – Yes, – I grinned, rubbing my ass, – a little bit.
We went to the kitchen, where Lelka had already set the table: It smelled of coffee and croissants, which she was incomparable to bake: When I came out of the shower, it was already very late.
I entered our bedroom and took off the silk bathrobe.
In a large, almost the entire wall, the window was as bright as day.
The avenue under my window was lit up with thousands of bright lanterns: I stepped barefoot to the bed.

Lelka lay on her side, her back turned to me.
I turned down the edge of the silk blanket and slid to her.
It was already warm there, Lelka always heats the bed well.
Head down on the pillow, I moved closer to her.
I pressed my chest against her back, which was always amazingly delicate skin: I felt her elastic ass with my pussy and ran my hand over it.
Bottom up, skirting the lines of her beautiful body.
– Favorite: – I whispered to her.
She moved her ass to me even stronger.
I kissed her neck, then the shoulder, then very slowly I began to cover her back with kisses: Lelka moaned, rubbed her ass about me. amateur mature webcam
She turned over on her stomach, and I lay on top, very much regretting that I did not have my own member to properly plant her: And anyway, I really liked to rub on her pussy: I lay down on her back, continuing to rub slowly, whispering in her ear that she is the most beautiful.
Lelka turned over on her back and hugged me.

I ran my hand over her gentle thighs, adore doing it, lying on top of her: She pulled my face close-to her and kissed a passionate kiss.
Her lips are so gentle, slid over mine, and the tongue, as if playing with mine, then running away from him, then suddenly attacking and attacking: “I want you,” I said.
“I love you too,” she whispered softly, and purred.
I sat on her breast, moving her pussy over to her pretty mouth, and put my hands on the wall above the headboard.
Lola lifted, touched me there tongue.
A wave of trembling ran through the body, from the bottom up: I squeezed with my hands a small rug that hangs above our bed.
And she caressed me more and more boldly, penetrating a tongue deeply and deeply: And then I turned to face her pussy, lay my chest on her tummy.
Her pussy, always smoothly shaved, seemed to me the standard of beauty: I kissed her like a flower bowl, then filled it with my own saliva, as if with dew, then breathing in one big gulp: Lola caressed my hands, firmly squeezing, quickly quickly touching my clit the tip of the tongue: We groaned with it at the same time, and waves of delight and excitement ran through the body.

We almost always end at the same time, at the very last moment speeding up the tongue to the extreme, this is our little secret: Truly, only a woman can understand how to give pleasure to a woman !: Waves of trembling ran through the body one after another, I finished, feeling my the juice flows into her mouth, and she swallows him, and he continues to run through her beautiful body: A powerful wave of orgasm made us groan, I tried to move my knees together, but I could not.
I was thrown, then sharply pressed to her, then raised again.
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