arab gay webcam chat They locked themselves in one of the bathrooms and Anya tried to please her first lover with oral sex.
She did not like the experiment.
She did not get any pleasure, and the situation itself seemed to her humiliating for her in particular and for girls in general.
True, two months after that, on Maxim’s birthday, under the influence of emotions, she again decided to give Maxim a special gift.

This time was better than the first.
For Maxim.
And more tedious and difficult for Ani.
A couple of weeks after DR Maxim, young lovers indulged in the comfort of Maxim’s parents’ apartment in his room.
During sex, Anya felt Maxim’s member slip out of her, and on her return, the head rested in a hole higher.
Maxim will probably never forget the girlfriend’s reaction to this.
Anya immediately threw a scandal with accusations of perversion, bestiality, contempt, etc.
and t.
Maxim spent more than a week trying to sort things out.

Having lost count of explanations, regrets and colors.
Her attention was attracted by the sound in the hall.
She, pressing a pause, went to the hall.
The sound – some kind of rattle and a scratch, came from the side of the entrance steel door.
Anya smiled – it was clearly the village favorite who came for the treats – a mixture of a cur and a miniature schnauzer – Phil.
He usually came to the door of the inhabitants of the cottage village and scratched it with its claws, calling for it to be opened and fed. arab gay webcam chat
Anya went to the door intending to turn the lock, but did not have time to do it.
In her eyes, the lock itself began to turn and after five seconds the door opened.
A group of men in dark clothes quickly entered the hall.
Then she found out that there were six of them.
And then, she was so confused and frightened that she couldn’t think what she thought about, but generally less rational thinking.

A short, slimy peasant, with colorless eyes, grabbed her with a steel grip on her throat and dragged her into the room with her.
He threw Anna into the corner of the sofa standing in the room, leaned over her and, looking straight into her eyes, slowly, calmly and at the same time said harshly: – Listen and remember, Hostess.
We will live here a day or two.
If you behave correctly, neither you nor your cozy house will have nothing.
If you don’t obey us, I’ll personally resolve you, my beloved.
Got it? Everything was very clear.
Anya, who was pounding with horror and animal fear, nodded her head.
– Well done! A short, stocky man entered the room, under 50 years old.
“The hook, we agreed with the owner,” said the peasant, whose fingerprints remained on Ani’s neck.
“Good,” the one called Baghr responded.
– Ball, – hook turned to another “guest”, frozen in the doorway, – take care of the connection.
“Arthur, look at her for now,” said the stocky, tall, athletic physique of a brunette.
– Malaya, – the leader appealed to the most visually young (age 18-19) “guest” – stay with Arthur.

The rest is mine.
The guests, looking back at the hostess of the house, who was squeezing into a corner of a large leather sofa, followed the man who was giving out orders now.
Arthur took off his jacket and sat down next to the sofa right at the feet of Ani.
– Why are you so scared then? – in a kind voice, he said with a smile.
– Do not boil, behave yourself and everything will end quietly and peacefully.
He put his hands on his hips sitting in the corner of the sofa mistress.
She kicked her legs and tried to hit his hands – remove your hands, scumbag !! – What are you doing this ?! Does the gray-haired sort of deal with you?
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