badgerl55 bongacam He dragged me there and fastened the leash to the battery.
– Open your mouth.
I dutifully discovered.
He squeezed into my mouth, wiped a member of my face, turned off the light and went out.

I was left terrified on my knees, in women’s underwear, covered with semen and urine.
Since I was running out of nervous and physical strength, then curled up as much as my tied hands allowed me to fall asleep.
Chapter 5 – Sergey’s apartment I was woken by a kick in the side.
Opening my eyes, I saw Vasya, who stood decently drunk and unzipped his fly: – Open your mouth bitch !!! – followed the command.
I dutifully discovered.
A stream of urine followed, which I willingly drank, so I was tormented by thirst and I was very hungry.
“Now come with me, bitch: I will unbutton you handcuffs, but you will have to go on all fours like a real dog: He undid the handcuffs, undid the leash and dragged me like a dog on a leash.”
Outside the window was dark and the office was empty.

He led me through empty corridors, took me to the elevator and led me through the back door at home.
There was a small minibus.
He led me to the back salon where the three morning guys and two others were new.
They were all pretty drunk.
– And here is our bastard: – followed by cries – rested? And now to the nipple.
And everyone started to take off their pants.
There are seven members.
And I got to work, I sucked on one of my two neighbors, and so on, in turn, until I “served” everyone.
As we drove, four people managed to finish, everything was in my mouth, and I gratefully swallowed everything as I was very hungry.
We arrived.
They lead me to a leash, I run like a dog.
Plant in some kind of staircase, elevator, apartment.
In the apartment, in the hallway ring on which they fasten my leash.
Everyone leaves, only Sergey remains, this is his apartment.
He orders me to take off his shoes and socks. badgerl55 bongacam
She goes to the toilet, comes in with her pants down, comes up to me.
– If you want to eat then lick my ass.

My toilet paper is over.
He turns his back and opens the buttocks.
Ass obviously after srachki all in the shit.
I really want to eat and start to lick all the feces and lick his ass.
After five minutes of the procedure, Sergey grunts rather and goes into the kitchen.
He brings me a buckwheat in a bowl for dogs, puts it on the floor and ties his hands behind him.
I have to eat face down like a dog.
He goes to sleep.
I have nothing left to do as I also curled up to sleep.
Wake up from a jab in the side.
– Open your mouth! I open, all the morning urine flows into my mouth.
“Go get me some breakfast for me while I take a shower: I’m going to cook, eat teepees.”
He washed and comes, I’m on my knees.
He orders me to put my head on a low ottoman with his face to the top.
I lie down.
He sits his ass on my face and orders me to lick his anus while he eats.
I begin to lick until my tongue gets tired, but he doesn’t give me rest as he kicks me in the stomach and orders me to continue.

After 20 minutes, he finally finishes his food and gets up from my face.
He presses my head against the wall and starts to fuck my mouth.
Cums, wipes a dick on the cheeks and orders me to wear it.
I wear it.
He leads me to the toilet, clips it to the wall and goes to work.
I am falling asleep.
Chapter 6 – Again the office Will be me in 3 hours: Unfastens, leads to the shower, orders me to wash, wash, shave everywhere, shorter to clean up.
An hour later, I go out clean and fresh.
He gives me clothes – a skirt, high-heeled shoes, pantyhose-nets, thong panties, a bra, a blouse with a deep slit, and a jacket.
I tint and dress.
We go out and go as a guy with a girl, I hold his arm, nice about what we are talking about.
We go in some kind of cafe, sit in the farthest corner of the hall at the table.
He makes an order for two, and as soon as the waiter leaves, he orders him to crawl under the table and suck him.
I will lay under the table, unbutton his pants and give him a blowjob.

The waiter brings drinks, does not notice me as a long tablecloth closes me.
He violently cums in my mouth and says that I would get out to eat.
I do it with pleasure as I am very hungry.
We leave, we go to him to work.
He turns me on to the department where 10-12 men sit, among which I recognize a few yesterday’s guys! th.
Everyone greets me with a round of applause.
Sergey orders me to satisfy everyone as they want it and leaves.
I strip down to my underwear and shoes.
The guys put me on the table on the stomach, one comes up in front and starts to fuck me in the mouth, the second is attached to the back and starts to fuck me in the ass, after a few minutes they finish and the next couple take their place.
badgerl55 bongacam