big booty webcam tube And he respects my decisions: he has very modern views on life.
For him, the main thing is to know what is good for me, and if I feel good, he will also like it. ”
Ivan Romanych nodded approvingly and asked: “And your husband is not afraid that there will be rumors that everyone will say that his wife is a damn, that she teaches him horns?”

I told him: “First of all, my husband is a smart and strong man, he is above all rumors; secondly, those who deceive each other are afraid, I don’t hide anything from my husband, I say it as it is; and thirdly, if my husband hears such rumors, he will only be proud that his wife is being discussed that they are interested in her: if he were a jealous man, he would have married not such a beautiful girl like me, but some gray one mouse.
See, Dima, how I praise you! Yeah, dubious praise.
But now I was not thinking about this, but that the rumor about my infirmity had already reached the administration.
Olya quickly blabbed everything.
And Kate continued: “And then Ivan Romanych put his hand on my chest and said:“ I will be frank with you, I need a secret.

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But my wife is jealous, so I need complete confidentiality so that there is no suspicion on her part (because of this I cannot plant a secret at.
myself in the waiting room – too obviously and suspiciously).
And you would be perfect for this role.
I would sit in my committee, come on my first call and do what I tell you.
I think that you will like this proposal with a husband-impotent.
After all, as far as I know, you love this business, even became a cohabit with a Georgian, while my husband is in Moscow.
I can take care of you as well.
So, if you agree, I will congratulate you on your new position. ”
– And you agreed? – Would you refuse? Of course, agreed.
He then came close to me and with the words “well, let’s fix our contract then,” unzipped his fly, which was right in front of my face.
I extended my hand, took out his fly his penis, which was already half-excited.
And when he was completely strong, he was so huge! Maybe not thicker than Tengiz, but much longer, just a monster! I didn’t expect anything like that: Romanych himself has two heads from the pot, and between his legs he has a mammoth trunk!

He understood my surprise and said: “All women who see me for the first time are surprised.
And I answer them: that’s why I’m a little tall, that I’ve gone all the way to root! ”
Then he took my head in his hands and began to rhythmically stick me with his mouth on his penis.
And when I finished, I almost choked on the powerful jets of his sperm.
But she swallowed everything, licked her dick, and tucked it back into her pants, saying that everything was very tasty.
Then Ivan Romanych patted me on the head: “I was not mistaken in you.
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