bongacams komsomolka1 Now a lady appeared in her, whom I wanted to serve and who could award me with a truly royal reward – a huge, fat and hard, black HUEM !!! And this thought was so unbearably sweet that I smiled, and so with a smile on my lips covered with sperm I fell asleep.

I woke up from a bright ray of light hitting me right in my eyes.
My man was still sleeping, sniffing sweetly.

I looked down, and saw that his member had already started to show signs of life and wake up.
I decided to thank him for the orgasm I received yesterday and wake him up with a blowjob.
I sank down, with the usual movement of my tongue, licked the head and plunged myself in my mouth. bongacams komsomolka1
Began to move her head up and down, gradually accelerating.
A little pressure, and he penetrated my throat.
Then, my sleeping partner breathed harder, and began to move his pelvis towards me.
Apparently, soon wake up.
Another pair of head movements, his testicles are pressed and he begins to cum.
Breathing loudly, cumming, and waking up.
The first thing he will see when he opens his eyes is how I, devoutly looking into his eyes, swallow his sperm and lick his cock.
He sweetly stretches and says: – Masha, you are just a miracle! I wish I would wake up every day.
Much better than any alarm clocks.
I continue to lick the remnants of sperm from his penis.
I answer him: “You will behave yourself – you will wake up like this every day!” “Okay, we’ve been lying around and that’s enough, let’s go to breakfast.
While he was preparing breakfast, I quickly drove into the souls. bongacams komsomolka1