bongacams lovely fox Mom nodded: Look, don’t be late for the bus, you still have to get to the bus station.
This is nonsense, mom, we’ll get a taxi.
Let him sleep a little more, while I go get changed.
Well as you know.

I will not wake up your treasure.
Mom kissed me goodbye and busily sounded on some of their mysterious medical courses.
I packed a camera, rinsed the plates, pulled on old jeans and a randomly selected sweater, wrapped a scarf around my neck and poured two or three sips of tea into a cup of tea.
Breathed deeply.
I don’t know why or why, but I never liked waking people up.
I always thought it was some sort of blasphemy, so in my whole life I have not developed any particular algorithm for waking anyone from sleep.
And, then, it is difficult to choose one scheme, because every damn dawn, which I have to wake up for one reason or another, responds to attempts to wrest it from the world of dreams in completely different ways.

bongacams lovely fox
For example, my brother runs a pillow at me, a second cousin who is two years younger than me and whom I call simply Danya, begs for another five minutes.
One of my girls just did not wake up in any, and the other lay completely stony, slamming with unseeing (I’m afraid, sometimes hating) eyes.
In short, the difficult thing is to wake people up.
But to her, I already, you know why, began to take shape in some kind of scheme.
I exhaled, put a cup in front of her, leaned over, kissed her cheek, stroked my hair as weightlessly as possible and quietly called out: Honey.
She opened her eyes wide with effort.
Then, blinking, focused on me a sleepy, blank look and smiled.
Heat so gently.
She coughed, took two sips from the cup, smiled wider and seemed to doze off again.

But no – in fact, she was so awake.
Because after a few more seconds, she raised her head, rubbed her forehead, and asked cheerfully: Let’s go, let’s go? Go.
Taxi took us home to the station in time for the last bus.
Having difficulty in loading it into some distant rear seats, we breathed a sigh of relief.
Now two hours it was possible not to worry about anything.
She put her head on my shoulder, got comfortable and, of course, immediately began to fall asleep.
I choked, almost missing that moment.
She raised to me the eyes that had already begun to blur.
bongacams lovely fox