chaturbate cam videos He helped me to undress and sat down at the table.
– Would you like a drink? – and I agreed.
And after half an hour I was drunk.
He took off my stockings, then a section at all.

I did not resist, I was ready for his caresses.
He knelt down in front of me.
“Here at last, and between the legs, the head of a man”, I thought with excitement, pleading with surging passions.
“Will he kiss,” I thought, but did not dare shuffle.
He stared at my treasure intently, stroking my life – that’s about his hands.
He suddenly sprang to his feet and we stood bare against each other, enjoying our nudity with consolation.
“Come to me,” he whispered.
For a while we stood, hugging – not daring to move, unable to cope with the trembling that gripped us.
Gabriel’s stiff dick rested against my belly below the navel.
Gabriel’s lap pressed on my pubis.
Every touch, every movement of his body gave me incredible pleasure.
I was distraught with delight, closed my eyes, and buried my chest in his hair.

“Honey, I like you,” he whispered, and his hands slid down my back to my buttocks, slid over my hips and came together at the bottom of my life — that one.
“- What were those hands! – Madame Solba whispered admiringly, closing her eyes from the sweet memory.
– when his fingers touched my flesh, I felt such pleasure that I involuntarily twitched with my whole body and squeezed my legs convulsively.
– You do not like? – offended he spriss – On the contrary, – choking with excitement and passion, I said.
“It’s too good, and I’m not used to it.”
“He smiled -“ Sweet girl, ”he said sweetly, kissing me on the lips.
He was the first man to kiss my lips.
It was not the one to kiss.
from which lose their mind, but for me it was enough.
With a moan, I collapsed into his arms in sweet exhaustion.
Gabriel carried me to the bed and began to kiss my body, my elastic chest, my angular shoulders, my sunken belly and my thighs, and finally I felt the heat of his lips on his unbroken rose.

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We were in a despair, the whole world was gone, there was already nothing in life, there were only two insane flesh, merged into one kind of, frantic, mad triumph.
When I woke up, Gabriel sat beside me already dressed.
– Are you going? I asked in a weak voice.
– You need to rest, I did not know that you are a girl, I absolutely tortured you – No, it was beautiful! It’s great that you made me a woman.
Thanks, dear.
– Gabriel kissed me and I fell asleep.
I returned home the next day in the evening when the bruises under my eyes disappeared.
Monsieur Jules met me in the front, on his face it was obvious that he was worried – “All right, Monsieur Jules,” I said to him: “I will dress your pike.”
“Crazy kid,” he said softly, and shook his head.
I went to my room and undressed.
the whole was filled with some kind of sweet languor and delight.
It seemed to me that Gabriel’s particle was still in my flesh.
This sensation was so strong that I let myself go by hand.

The next morning, I took a bath and returned to my room, pulled a pick from the table.
The triangle itself was some kind of elastic, but elastic material.
The outer sheathing was velvet, the inside was rubberized felt.
The pear was quite impressive in size and I doubted that it would not be easy for me to put in such a thick one.
In fact, it turned out to be not only difficult, but sub-impossible.
Pear painfully tore the lips of my vagina, but still did not pass inside.
Just at that moment, when I finally gave up and decided to abandon this goal, the pear suddenly passed easily and slipped inside, filling me with a wide and vast mass.
The white triangle, as if glued, firmly froze on my pubic hair, I sighed with relief.
However, the difficulties did not end there.
It turned out that it was not very convenient to walk with punch, she rubbed her vagina and all the time she let herself be known with some vague, disturbing pleasure.
I walked around the room several times, looked at myself in the mirror, I looked up to – a wave extravagant.

The following Saturday, I served the guests in a new outfit with the difference that instead of the panties I was wearing a white peak.
Guests accepted me as an equal.
They joked with me, the men began to play.
I was not at all shy now, and therefore, probably the evening itself was not quickly resolved into a mad orgy.
Now I had to provide a pair of wine and ice cream.
At that moment when they indulged in the most incredible love games.
One of the guests put his woman on all fours, settled to her over her backside and, moving with her body, was happy to eat ice cream offered by me.
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