cheap outdoor webcam When his legs were separated, he growled: You drive me crazy.
always drove.
Igor is not necessary.
you are welcome.

– in a weak voice she said the phrase on duty.
A phrase that has never saved anyone from anything.
Waiting for the imminent invasion, Lena began to breathe rapidly.
The vagina fluttered in front of the risen, member aimed at him, her legs were divorced, but not for her beloved husband, as usual, but for Igor.
I’m fucking you now.
“What is happening to me?” She thought, seeing a face twisted from lust above her.
Igor’s nostrils swelled like a bull, he began to slowly descend on the woman.
Bursting into her flesh, he exhaled sharply, and thrusting pushes into her, wheezed frantically.
He knew a lot about this, many women passed through him, so Igor tuned in for a long pleasure.
Which he got – exhausted and depressed Helen, he let go very soon.
So rough it fucked for the first time, he fucked her in the mouth, in the ass – with a furious speed, driving and pulling the penis out of the body.

And she submissively with inner despair was substituted by all the holes, considering it as an inevitable price for being in the apartment.
The man turned Elena on her stomach, spread her legs wide, and then with force stretched her back halves.
When Igor first rudely entered her ass, the woman, unable to restrain herself from the pain, screamed sharply and dropped her head hopelessly.
A long penis with impunity stuck in the ass, and Igor groaned with pleasure.
She was unpleasant and painful, but shocked Elena did not think about protesting. cheap outdoor webcam
Inverted on her stomach, she buried herself in a sofa cushion — she simply suffered and waited for it to end.
Something didn’t work out for Igor the first time, and his wet phallus, smeared with saliva from recent sucking, jumped out after a couple of jolts.
Igor began to stretch the hole with his hands, literally tearing it, and then launched two fingers there and began quickly and mechanically rubbing the narrow hole between the buttocks, bringing this woman to a faint state.

When it was the member’s turn, Lena lay, hardly noticeably shaking her head, and quietly whined – she prayed for only one thing, when the test of her defenseless anus would stop.
Fully fucked, she was lying on a low coffee table where he carried her, and with trembling hands she tried to fix the hopelessly scattered elegant hair-do.
Igor came out of the room.
So, bitch, – Elena immediately straightened.
He once again weighed her breasts, held her hot belly, as if wondering.
Cancer! – He ordered.
– Get up on your elbows and knees.
The woman obeyed without the slightest delay, exposing both of the already rubbed holes in front of the entire room.
Lena understood that in this position her crotch is completely open, completely defenseless in front of all that a man wants to do with her.
From such accessible openness, fear spreads all over the body, tapping on the brain like bubbles from freshly drunk champagne.
Spreading her legs wide and slightly arched, she froze.

Igor took the panties off the woman from the couch, turned them over in his hands and pulled his head over his head, closing his eyes.
Stay right, he said, just in case, although he saw that she was frozen, afraid to move.
Then patted on the cheek.
– Well done.
Probably, he was not long, but in a shiver from the complete ignorance of what was happening behind her back, from the frank shamelessness of the pose – time passed quickly.
At first she heard footsteps, then some fuss, and then she felt hands on herself.
She felt her already-touched labia rudely spread apart, and a man penetrated her.
She began to fuck, and her mouth against her will again filled with a salty desire saliva.
But when the hands in front were taken off her pants from her head, the movement from behind did not stop! She understood everything and let out a sigh from powerlessness.
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