daughter nude webcam After them, out of the hole flowed sperm without pressure.
Mom as quickly as from my chin before, licked this precious cap-lu.
Here in its place a new one appeared.
Now I did not lose my head and quickly licked off a new portion from my father’s dick.

He gratefully stroked my head with a trembling hand.
Then again I took my dad’s dick in my mouth completely, and this time right up to the testicles.
Black curly hair tickled my nose, but I held back and did not sneeze.
A member at this time began to rapidly “deflate.”
There was a feeling that it was my own hot tongue that melted him like ice cream! Dad took out my wrinkled cock from my mouth and ran a hand over it a couple of times, pulling the skin over the head and immediately exposing it completely.
A new drop of sperm, already somehow reluctantly, rolled out of the hole and hung on a member of white snot.
This time my mother beat me and licked her like a frog fly.

Dad sat back on the couch, blissfully blowing off.
His little member has hung on the right bedro.
But my mother did not give him a rest.
Him – that is, dad.
However, and his pisyunu too.
Mom began to dad pipirku with her fingers (now to call her a member – the tongue did not turn), to peel off the skin from the head, to pull the testicles – and a miracle happened! The shriveled pod suddenly began to fill with power and grow right before our eyes! There was a feeling that some stick was climbing out of my father’s belly! At first, she grew up lying on her father’s curly belly, and then suddenly jumped up and swayed like a mast. asian cam girl masturbating
I involuntarily extended my hand and touched the exposed head.
The member flinched from my touch and seemed to become even harder.
– Well, Sveta, – asked mom, – are you ready for the most important thing? My mouth went dry right away, and my pip’s lips spasmed convulsively.

The most important thing! God, how I wanted it, but how was I afraid of it! Mom and Dad understood right away my condition.
Mom’s palm slipped between my legs and began gently massaging my curly mound.
Then her index finger shifted to the button of the clitoris and began to stroke it – gently, gently, barely touching.
My lips began to unclench, and my mother’s finger did not immediately fail to dive into them.
– Oh, how are you raw! – exclaimed mom.
– This is good, it won’t be so painful.
– Do not worry, I will not hurt you.
– Dad whispered, moving close to me.
He took my head with both hands and brought his lips close to my lips (by the mouth).
At first, he kissed me just as before – just by touching my lips with his.
And then he grabbed my lips in his mouth and sucked them frantically.
His hot tongue parted my lips and penetrated into my mouth, where he immediately began to play with my tongue.
Meanwhile, my father’s hands dropped from my head first to my shoulders, then slid to my breasts.

Dad gently squeezed my nipples between thumb and forefinger and began to knead them little by little.
The nipples immediately hardened like small penises.
Then, continuing to gently knead my breast with my left hand, my dad lowered his right palm between my legs, moving my mother’s hand away and taking her place.
My polo lips again tightened tight, like shell flaps.
Apparently, subconsciously, I was still very much afraid of what was coming.
– Come on, well, Svetik, relax, – papa whispered right in my ear and immediately took his lips to his earlobe.
From this a slight tremor ran through my body.
– Which is nice? – Dad asked in the same whisper.
– Yes.
– I answered slightly, because my voice suddenly sat down.
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