fit latina webcam Having looked at a light down between my legs, I took the girl by the knees and laid it on my left side.
I put petroleum jelly on my little finger and began to gently lubricate her anus, and then tried to deepen.
Contrary to expectations, I did it right away.
Apparently, Olesya still took an enema before.

Putting a greased tip, I slightly pressed.
My “patient” pulled her right leg to her belly and the tip easily entered her ass.
I opened the faucet, and began to move the tip further, stroking her stomach, as far as the thighs were attracted to it.
Moving the tip back and forth, I saw that Olesya was the most excited.
Increasing the pressure, I slightly touched the girl’s sexual lips. fit latina webcam
When there was very little before the orgasm, the water was over.
Noticing this, I pulled out the tip and squeezed her buttocks.
The set time Olesya survived without surprises, having washed and dressed, joined the sisters.
After making sure that the girls are clean inside and out, I let them go to the pool, but decided to overhear what they say.
The pool was close to the wall of the house, and through the window I could hear the voices of girls, but not very clearly.
It seems that they discussed the procedure I just carried out and the sensations associated with it.
I could understand that Yana often gave them enemas to everyone, including Olesya, and every time they experienced erotic sensations from this, but my tip turned out to be much stronger.
than their mother’s rubber cartridges.
Their fears were caused by the fact that they had never done an enema before anyone except Yana. fit latina webcam