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And they went home, having previously agreed on the next meeting.
She threw back her hand behind her back and closed her eyes.

The father again, only this time with her tacit consent, exposed both her daughter’s breasts and began to greedily caress them by dropping to her nipples with her hungry lips.
She remained lying on her side, facing her father with her leg tucked up to her belly.
After the words of agreement, as if something broke in her chest, some kind of barrier broke through, and she suddenly ceased to be ashamed.
All thoughts of the wrongness of what is happening, incest and other nonsense flew out of her head.
By the edge of her consciousness, she understood that her father was kneeling by the bed, that now he would caress her and it is not known how this will end.
But this somehow didn’t worry her very much.
For the first time in her life a real man will caress her.
And do not paw, like classmates at recess, and caress like an adult woman. panda chan bongacams
Yes, and that this is so.
Well, her father caresses.

Well, what is so terrible here, especially since she likes it and, frankly, wants to.
She caresses and leaves, and this little secret will remain between them.
But then there will be something to remember.
Not every daughter caresses like a woman her own father.
While these thoughts flashed through her head, her father undressed and again knelt in front of his daughter’s naked chest.
He mentally thanked God for lying with her eyes closed and not seeing him undress.
He was afraid that the sight of his sticking out member of impressive size would frighten her.
Still, thirty in length and six in width – it is a bit too much even for her mother, and only for her: He again took his daughter’s nipple with his lips and began to suck and caress him.
In the meantime, with one hand he gently squeezed his daughter’s second breast, with the other hand gradually moving the blanket over her legs.

When the blanket slipped from her daughter’s hip, she started, mechanically stretched out a hand to straighten the blanket, but almost immediately threw back her hand behind her back and froze.
Her intermittent breathing became more rapid and noisy.
Waves of pleasure rolled on her more and more, causing her body to shudder involuntarily, and when her father squeezed her chest a little harder, a slight moan involuntarily escaped from her open mouth, giving her arousal to her father.
Continuing to caress and squeeze the chest, the father began to gently stroke his daughter’s body with his hand, gradually sinking, lower and lower.
His fingers slipped into the lower abdomen of his daughter and began stroking his fluffy pubis.
At the same time with one finger he groped for the virgin bud of her daughter’s clitoris and gently pressed it.
A moan escaped from her daughter’s chest confirmed that she was very excited.

He continued to caress his daughter with increased passion, squeezing her breasts more and more and rubbing her clit.
The daughter was trembling all over, breathing heavily and moaning in response to the caress of her father, who drove her crazy.
She almost did not understand anything in what was happening from the passion that had enveloped her and the thought of copulation had almost completely mastered her.
Breast, abdomen, hips, every part of her body cried out for intercourse.
The underbelly burned with the devastating fire of passion, muddying the mind.
She did not care at all who caressed her and to whom she would spread her legs.
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