ip webcam audio Well, bitch stupid! I did not think that you are so stupid, Shmara commanding.
She will complain to the police, brainless fucking.
Yes, our brothers will give you credit faster, they will let you in a circle, because it is clear that in fact you want to be fucked by all who feel like it very harshly and without interruption.
And your dream will come true soon, brute! And you call me an animal, and yet you just have not yet discovered your true nature, lustful little bitch.

Svetlana was shocked, she could not understand what fate had cost her so much, because she was a normal, successful, prosperous woman, money, admiring glances and courtship of males, a bright future – all this was with her.
But now her hands are hopelessly twisted, she herself is tied like a limp doll, and her beautiful chest has been shamelessly crumpled and hot animal hands have been pawing for five minutes already !!! Svetlana burst into tears of humiliation, but she immediately received a slap in the face: – Shut up, Scum!

Do not dare to cry, otherwise you will just be very lousy! Ha, Do you remember how you asked us, the guards, to escort you to the upper floors just so that we admire you ?! Do you think I do not understand fucking creature? Now you will get everything in full, ”the insolent guard yelled, grinned, and spit Svetlana Nikolayevna in the face with relish, do not stop crushing her breasts and pinching her nipples that were already torn during five minutes of dirty lust.
Strange, but gradually Sveta began to notice with horror that her breasts liked this rudeness, and her cunt began to gradually leak, and the former boss was unable to stop this trickle of perverted female lust.
While the rapist was tormenting her breasts and slapping her on the ass (which involuntarily became more and more lustful and lustful every minute), Sveta thought that she really was. melissa video sex cam
all men always ran after her.
she did nothing and they bowed before me on her knees.
Yes, I conquered them, but now they conquered me, He conquered, the Real Man, in which the spirit of the beast is very strong, animal lust and perverted lust.

Oh, look, it seems our slut is starting to like the way she is treated.
As with the last cheap, whore, humiliated creature! – Sveta again began to cry from humiliation, but the guard did not let up and decided to consolidate what had begun.
Soon, Svetlana Nikolaevna saw how right above her face an elastic ass covered with black jeans was leaning closer and closer.
Svetlana again shook with humiliation, because she knew what would happen now.
But now the black ass has already sat down with its anus just at the place where Sveta’s nose was, and now she could no longer breathe.
Here she has been lying for a minute already, her heart is pounding wildly, it becomes simply unbearable.
“Lord, have I really been born into this world in order to die in the womb of someone’s insatiable ass! Forgive me, Lord, if I sinned, if I made someone bad! ”Light began to sort out all the known prayers, she was very sincere at this moment, and then when the heart was ready to burst from the tension, the elastic ass finally lifted, the Lord (or rather – Sir) heard her prayers.

Svetlana Nikolaevna wanted to breathe clean fresh air, but suddenly her ass made an obscene toilet sound and the proud boss had to be content with a fart stream.
And since she lacked air, it turned out that she began to inhale the toilet flow with monstrous zeal and desire! Her lungs could not stop, she eagerly inhaled the toilet smell, and her sweaty, beautiful breasts of the third size shaking seductively in the dim light of her native office, which had turned into a torture chamber for her.
From such humiliation, she almost lost her mind, now there was no strength even for sobbing.
But her tormentor didn’t pay any attention to this: “Well, stop crying briskly, creature! And then I’ll kill you and no one will ever know a slut about you! Smile! Smile, for your Lord gives you a part of his divine grace! Breathe and be glad you are given a chance to breathe! ”At the cost of the monstrous efforts of Light, she forced herself to stop sobbing and even made some kind of forced smile.

And the guard again flipped her nose, Sveta continued to smile and caught herself thinking that she was beginning to like even that.
“Lord, Lord, Lord! what kind of slut am I! what a lowered fuck I am! ”The guard sat on her face again and lasted on him for a minute and a half, Sveta began to choke and convulse again, then the guard mercifully got up, reluctantly flipped the third time and said:“ now you get drunk on it, so you will like it.
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