kelly nicole webcam My cock pouted and began to throb, throwing jets of semen into the night sky.
Rita did not straighten her hand, but on the contrary, squeezed her cock tightly and continued to masturbate until my boyfriend began to cringe.
– Did you feel good? She asked, running her wet and sticky palm over my stomach.
– And how! – I’m glad! We sat still, finishing our wine and kissing every minute.

I asked Rita to show her breasts and she agreed.
She unbuckled her jacket, then pulled up her T-shirt and took off her bra.

Her chest was small with large nipples, which defiantly stuck out in different directions.
I began to knead her tits and kiss her nipples.
She sighed loudly and whispered: – Kiss me there again.
I pulled off her tights and underwear. kelly nicole webcam
Now Rita lay on her back with her legs apart.
I began to lick her pussy with pleasure, trying to make my petting more varied.
My reward soon became groans and new convulsions.
Rita squeezed my head with hot boobs and often-often pushed her hips.
Then she fell silent.
I took care of her wet pussy a little more, and then lay down beside him.

When we finished the wine, it was half past eleven.
“Time to go,” Rita said, and sighed with regret.
– Let’s go.
– I agreed.
At the corps, we kissed for a long time before parting and agreed to meet tomorrow at the same place.
All week until the end of the shift, we were caressed with Rita on the river bank.
I did not dare to offer her to take in my mouth, afraid to offend her.
Parting, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to phone in the city.

We walked along a narrow, barely noticeable path for more than an hour.
It was hard to walk: her feet were sweating in the berets, the skirt was crawling up, making it difficult to walk, and her hands were tied behind her back with a rope, which rubbed abrasions on her wrists.
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