live webcam joi Through the open door from the other room came the other men’s voices.
Of course, these were my tormentors.
Through the doorway, I clearly saw the speakers.
They sat naked in chairs and laughed together.

On the table stood a bottle of alcohol and lay an appetizer.
I groaned.
My head was buzzing, my whole body was aching and sore.
– Look, waking up.
– That, with tattoos, turned in my direction.
– Well Lena came to life? Probably still want to have sex? He got up from the chair and went to the bedroom.
I had the only way out – to throw myself out of the window.
I sat with my back against the wall at the far edge of the wide bed, stretching my knees and pulling the blanket up to my chin.
– Leave me alone.
I love everyone and will behave well, – my voice trembled.
– That you came up with great.

So you will be an obedient girl? – Yes Yes Yes.
– So, will you work for us? – Yes, I will, I will.
– Remember, Lena! What was with you was so, flowers, a small conveyor. killer babes bongacams video
It could be worse.
But this is for the guilty.
And you have an obedient girl, right? – Yes Yes Yes.
– You cho, have you forgotten how to talk? – I will try to.
The second man entered the room.
Looking around me with a stern look, he told his partner: – Stop scaring me! She is already trembling.
– No shit with her will not be! – said the one in the headdresses, and leaned toward me.
I shrank and tightened, waiting for something humiliating, but he only patted my cheek, but so much so that my head hit the wall several times.
– About the fact that there was better silence.
Come on – we will drive like a dog!

Suddenly flashed a TV screen.
I was horrified to see dirty sex scenes, the main character of which was me.
I had fun with two disgusting men.
Everything swam before my eyes, and, as if in a fog, I heard: “This record can go anywhere and anytime: to the husband in the office, to your mother.
“Not that,” I whispered.
– Everything depends on you.
– What more do you want? – Do not worry, Lena, not much will be required.
You will obey and do what I say, – he said, with tricks.
– Will you obey? – I will.
– That’s good.
I knew you were a good and intelligent girl.
I was crushed both mentally and physically.
Something broke in me.
“First, we need some information about your husband’s work.”
– About the work of Vladimir? – I whispered.
– Of course, or do you have someone else? – Not.
– From now on, your peace of mind is in your hands.

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