naked women webcam Do you understand? – Yes, Master.
You gotta understand this bitch! – Yes, Master.
– Assessment of the “lesson”, puts the Master, on a five-point scale.
All grades are entered in the slave passport.

By the sum of the grades, the slave receives either punishment or encouragement.
A slave should always have a passport with him, when visiting public places, or going to visit.
Here, bitch, your passport, on its cover, is your identification number.
You must remember him, and that you, the creature, belong to the “Wolf.”
Got it, bitch? – Yes, Master.
– The woman picked up a thick book with a black and red cover.
– On your knees, bitch! – An elderly woman, with difficulty, sank to the floor.
Attaching a leash to the collar, the man led his mother to another room.
Putting a black book and a small box in front of an elderly mother on all fours, the man stood over the slave.
– Remember bitch, read standing on all fours.

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In the book, the description of the “lessons” and the team, you – say, I – do.
In the box the name of the “lessons”.
You, old fuck, first “lesson.”
The book describes everything: how to prepare for a “lesson”, how to ask for a “lesson”, how to give commands, how to ask for mercy, how to ask to finish the “lesson”.
This, your reference book, you will have to know it by heart.
And, for now, choose and learn one “lesson”, I give you, mamma, one hour.
– The man left the room, and the hundred-ruha opened the book.
An hour later, the man entered the room and looked at his naked mother standing on all fours.
The old woman’s hands were trembling from the tension, she was muttering something, bending over the book.
– It’s time, bitch.
A book in the mouth! – The woman shuddered, she, with difficulty picked up a book from the floor and squeezed it in her teeth.

Untie the leash, and taking the box, the man led the slave into her room.
– Go, wash up, the creature, from you dog stinks.
– He ordered, detaching the leash.
Half an hour later, the man entered his mother’s room.
In the middle of the room, on his knees, was his mother.
The man went to the old woman, stroked her head, then took the tag and the “passport”.
– Well, bitch, go, get ready for the “lesson.”
In the face of her son, the woman took off her T-shirt, unbuttoned, took off her collar and lay naked on the bed.
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