nude cam show Tatyana Petrovna began to slowly move her long fingers up and down, from the scarlet head to the pubis covered with hair.
She tried not to move, so as not to give the class a reason for suspicion, Anton thought so.
In general, the behavior of Anton was very unusual – he sat close to the teacher, both of them had their hands under the table and their bodies somehow jerked incomprehensibly.
“Ah, ah,” the teacher suddenly groaned when Anton touched a sensitive point.

Slippery liquid flowed from the pussy stream.
Young Anton was not an expert in this matter – but he was surprised at how much fluid could flow from a woman.
“Apparently, did the teacher get excited too !?” thought the boy.
Anton himself was more than excited, especially when he looked at how Tatiana’s sleek, manicured fingers covered his dick and moved up and down, flashing a golden emerald engagement ring.
The boy looked again at the neckline.
With each movement of the hand jerking off to the student, the teacher’s breasts slightly waved.
Looking at the class, Anton noticed that Zhenya and Lesha were looking at him with a smirk, with mobile phones in their hands.
The rest of the students went about their business.
No one could see exactly what was going on under the teacher’s desk – but many sat close enough to notice some strange activity.

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Anton thought that he had already done enough to remove more incriminating evidence against the teacher and hoped that he didn’t scare her too much.
But Tatyana Petrovna was not scared.
She was excited! She actively podmahivala, wagging under the table ass and sitting down on the finger of the student.
His breathing became intermittent, his eyes almost closed.
In the end, her thighs squeezed the boy’s hand in a death grip and the teacher published a clearly audible “iiiiii”, which made several pupils flinch, and laid her head on Anton’s shoulder.
Because of this, Anton could not restrain himself and would throw out a jet of sperm on his pants, her teacher’s hand and thigh, and even on the lower part of the table.
Panting, Tatyana Petrovna jerked off a member of the pupil several times, gradually recovering from her orgasm.
Recovering, the teacher opened the drawer and, taking the napkins, tried to erase the sperm.
In the end, the only trace of their escapades left a wet spot on the fly of Anton.
The boy got up and went to his place.
The bell rang.
In the corridor, several boys — not only best friends — asked what happened in the classroom.
“Sniff my finger,” the boy laughed, raising the wet middle hand of his right hand, smelling like the discharge of their teacher.

Our town is old, working, small, almost everyone knows each other.
There were several factories built before the war, with them – research institutes, design offices.
There were at one time workers and “intellectuals” quarters, then, in restructuring, some factories shut down, others were converted to peaceful products by conversion.
Houses were empty, dilapidated, they were demolished, new ones were built in their place, occupied by waiting lists.
So it turned out that everything was mixed up.
And a few years ago, my neighbor was a priest, the abbot of the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity (so it seems) two blocks from our house.
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