pi webcam server It is not difficult to guess what effect this all could have.
I watched with admiration for dancing girls who danced with other girls, and the guys who boldly approached get to know others.
Everything was so simple here, I had long dreamed of this, because these constant attempts to avert my eyes from the girls so as not to seem strange, trying not to think about same-sex love brought me into a state of a certain trance.
We were so carried away that we decided to dance.

We danced for about half an hour.
And then it hit me like a shock.
I could not believe it – a girl danced not far from me who was very similar to Julia, only this one, instead of dark and long hair, had rather short and different colors.
I stopped rooted to the spot.
My girlfriend has long been dancing with some girl, and I could not take my eyes off that girl.
Seeing me, she also stopped – again these eyes, which I would not confuse with any other.
Without thinking for a long time, I approached her – it turned out to be Julia.

But it was already a matured girl, with a more serious look (but still as cold).
I didn’t know what to say or what to do at that moment.
Julia for a long time without waiting for my reaction asked how I was and said she was glad to see me.
It was evident that she was in a state of confusion and did not know what to say, but trying not to give a look, she said standard phrases.
Having chatted a little on the dance floor, we went and sat down at a table.
We chatted like old friends without submitting any kind that when we had a very close relationship.
Time passed unnoticed, Yulia looked at me oddly, looked straight into her eyes, the smell of her perfume could be heard about me, the alcohol struck my head even more.
Without thinking about anything, I got up, walked over to her and kissed her.
She responded to a kiss and after a while was at my house. sex webcam slut
Drunk on the board, as soon as the door to the apartment closed, I pounced on her and began to kiss madly.

I again felt these hands that hugged me, the lips that had been waiting for so long, this body that was so close to mine.
She pulled off my skirt and her hand touched my crotch.
a shiver ran through her body, she was so sweet and so familiar.
Her lips gently touched mine, I felt her tongue touch mine.
Our tongues entwined into one, one hand slipped below and touched my chest.
Yulina’s fingers began to penetrate unnoticed under my top.
She began to caress my breasts while still not touching her nipples, she ran her fingers along her chest making circular movements with her fingers.
Her tongue still caressed mine, then suddenly leaving my mouth touching my lips, then again penetrated into my mouth.
Her fingers touched one of my nipples, he became even harder and a shudder of pleasure and simultaneous fear and not a clear understanding of what was happening at that moment ran over my body (alcohol struck my head).
The second hand, she pressed a little in my vagina.

I felt that my crotch was very wet and, without waiting for anything, she took off all her clothes and then Julia.
We lay on the floor, she lay on me and caressed my whole body with her tongue.
She ran her tongue through my nipples, made them circular movements that turned me on more, then gently bit them, slightly pulling them up.
Then fell below and caressed my clit.
The tongue penetrated deeper, then came back again, caressing my belly and hips.
I felt one of her fingers inside me, the movements were very slow and the finger penetrated deeper, then the second finger – it made me moan a little.
She unexpectedly removed her hand and began to caress me again with her tongue.
A few minutes later her fingers were again in me, the movements became more frequent, I felt the approach of an orgasm.
My body tightened, her hand moved faster and I finished with a piercing scream.
after a couple of seconds we went to the bedroom and it all started from the beginning.

When I woke up in the morning, I discovered that she was not there.
My heart was breaking again from the understanding that Julia reappeared in my life just as suddenly as disappeared and again I lost it.
Again, day after day, I come home, all dreaming of that coming home, when I hear her voice on the phone.
but the third time I obviously can not stand it anymore.
And why I did not even try to talk with her on this topic.
It disappeared like smoke from my life again, leaving an eternal wound in my heart, and again I will silently walk down the street and remember everything like a dream.
I tried this sweet drug again, which I quickly get used to and then you realize that you are physically and maral dependent.
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