pinay webcam masterbate Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that the competition course did not run in a circle around the stadium, but right across the whole field from one football goal to another – apparently, so that it was clearer at night – I thought: Finally, the girls took their place at the start and excited the crowd reached the limit.
Many got up from their seats and stared through binoculars, trying to better see their idols, on which large bets were made.
The girls took the position of “Start!”, Saddled with ordinary sports bikes, and with a shot of a starting pistol they rushed from the spot, trying to get ahead of each other, as soon as possible, because the distance was obviously stayers – I realized that you just need to get to the opposite football goal , turn and reach the finish line at the start.
The crowd went on a rampage! The shouts, cheers of support and gestures of the fans did not stop in the general noise and roar of the spectators mad with passion.

It seemed to me very strange – was it really only because of the large stakes that such passions flared up so strongly? ! Literally in a few seconds, my bewilderment became even stronger when I began to notice that something incomprehensible was happening at a distance.
The cyclists, who so briskly started the race, suddenly began to slow down one after the other, their movements became clumsy and sharp, many suddenly began to lose their balance and turned away from a straight line, doing quite odd turns from side to side.
Through binoculars, one could see the faces of the female athletes, distorted by grimaces, or suffering from not pleasure.
The bulk reached half the distance and barely turned to the finish line, however, for some reason they were not in a hurry to pick up the pace, and somehow they sluggishly pedal and went to the finish line as if starting to learn to ride a bike.

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The tension of the crowd reached a climax, and many snatched photos and video cameras in an effort not to miss the end of a strange race.
In the middle of the field, just where the majority of the raging spectators were located, a very strange thing began to happen – several cyclists lost control and lost balance and fell on the grass of the football field, crouching, as if from stomach cramps and rolling on the grass without paying attention to the bright light and the roar of the crowd.
Only three participants courageously reached the finish line and, too, fell into exhaustion under the thunder of applause announcing the end of the race.
The announcer announced the results of the competition overlapping the noise and exclamations of fans sharing their impressions.
To the sounds of a ceremonial march, the people moved to the exit in an effort to take places in a night restaurant, where visitors could expect a night striptease and corps de ballet with circus performers.

Having calmed down a bit, I was able to ask my curious question to the omnipresent and experienced Alexander: – So you pulled me out on the night of Medeo, only to see this inept TRAIN? — And you still do not understand? !!! – My friend asked with bewilderment and indignation.
So listen! These competitions are special.
Didn’t you notice that a bicycle dynamo was attached to the rear wheel of every sports bike? ! Know that All participants of this race underwent psychological training under the supervision of experienced professionals, before they agreed to participate in the competition.
The whole zest and salt is that THEY HAVE GOT ON THE ELECTRIC VIBRATORS INSTALLED INTO THEIR MOISTURE, WHICH ARE CONNECTED WITH THE VELODYNAMKO and the faster the participant pedaled, the stronger the ruthless vibrator worked inside her! That is why, reaching orgasm, they lost their ability to control and went the distance, writhing from sexual passion!

I hope you paid attention to their wet panties? And yet – for those girls who have finished the distance, the more likely they are to find a “well-paid job” than those who have reached the finish line – sexual sensuality is different.
– Alexander added cynically.
Oh my God ! This is what modern businessmen from the show and porn business do to our youth! Hoping for easy earnings, girls give up even the most intimate – chastity and honor!
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