sabine18 webcam model Need to leave.
Then, somehow, I will come.
– I mumbled as depicting a mad beggar Panikovsky when I asked Koreiko for a million.
Sveta, looked at me hostly from head to toe, straightened her trousers, making it clear that now — indeed now — I owned her property, and graciously opened the door.

The stairwell shrouded me in coolness, infused with cat and human urine.
Not knowing why, I began to go down the stairs.
Maybe I wanted to freshen up a bit, so as not to come home with a red mug? I do not know.
Old women at the entrance looked at me with the eyes of the prosecutor.
I do not remember how I got to the store.
Buy vodka? Why – do we have two bottles in the fridge ?! Not uncorked, if.
If Vitek.
I ran back.
How could I?! What made me suddenly not to ring the door of my own apartment, but to go outside? I seemed to have given them more time! Them? Am I already talking about THEM? Not Lenochka is my wife, and the boar Vitka: I’m already talking about THEM.

Here is the entrance.
Grandmothers want to make sure that I’m not a spy or a terrorist, and they dug their eyes.
The door of our apartment.
I call, although somewhere in the depths of the pocket lies the key.
Lenka opens the door.
She is in a dressing gown, pinned on her chest for some reason.
There is no one else in the apartment.
I sit down on the stool and wipe the sweat.
Yet I did not learn to run.
Breathing must be protected, breathing.
I drove like.
Why are you so sweaty?
– Lenka turned away and conjures over pots.
It is good that she does not look into my eyes — she could understand everything.
Sweaty? I ran over the bottle! Oddly enough, Lenka does not pay attention to the obvious absurdity – he ran, but did not bring; and, in general, so it only says – run off. wildlife webcams
All walk in steps, though in a hurry.
What soup to cook? – in some strange voice asks his wife, without turning around.

Why doesn’t she turn around and look in her eyes? Do not want to see the sweaty husband, whose neighbor just made a blowjob? Or?.
No one came in? Not.
why? Why didn’t you even start cooking soup? What did you do? – how pathetic I was at that moment! Lenka is silent, and I, as if by chance, open the refrigerator.
One bottle is full, in the other – at the bottom.
That evening we didn’t talk anymore.
I tried to watch TV, but before my eyes stood the boar Vitka – sweaty and contented.
How so? How could she – my Lenusechka, how could she agree to have sex with this vile, drunk animal ?! Here, in fact, there was no real rape.
Here she could scream – in the house excellent audibility.
Svetka would come running first! Perhaps, and even probably, he behaved rudely, pressed her.
New in this case, you need to clearly say – she was not against! She was probably even roused by his rudeness.

She probably experienced a powerful orgasm, as then.
in a tent.
Maybe even a few orgasms.
And now what i can do? Get divorced with Lena and marry Svetka? Here, who will be happy! But it will turn out that I will replace the awl on soap – both of them roughly and wildly fucked the boar Vitek.
In addition, I love Lenka, but Svetka doesn’t.
Working week flew in hectic affairs.
Our company received new computers and I installed them all week, set up a network, looked for one-es to work well in accounting, and a warehouse inventory program in the warehouse.
One old comp chef graciously presented me with a prize.
Actually, as a bonus, I prefer money, but this time I was pleased.
I will show Lenka how to shuffle on the Internet, because she knew only her accounting program — maybe she would be distracted from.
from everything, he will forget, he will chat on ICQ, watch films of his choice.

It is necessary to spare no money for a dedicated line – let it plunge into it! Maybe some games like.
I myself had enough of these boxes at work, while Lenka was no longer in possession of a computer.
She had to resign from that reputable enterprise where she worked as chief accountant.
She explained the reason for the dismissal vaguely – they did not work well with the director.
Strange, because with that director she worked for several years.
She did not go into details, but I did not insist.
Now Lenka worked as an ordinary accountant at some other, less respectable enterprise.
On Friday evening, I brought this cybernetic miracle to our house.
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