sex hidden spy camera The higher I climbed the stairs, approaching my apartment on the fifth floor (we have an elevator, but I usually walk, I’m eating a sports uniform), the more clearly I heard some noise in the stairwell – businesslike male and female voices, then trample and fuss.
Furniture that someone brought ?.
Oh, No! Emergency doctors (well, yes, the car was not far from the entrance).
And the neighbor from the apartment on the contrary helps the orderlies to stretch the litter.

Well, Alevtina Markovna is bad, it is carried away on a stretcher! Lying pale, eyes closed, not moving. webcam sex for dog
Is it alive at all? It’s a pity as a nice woman! Already quite elderly, but well-groomed, always friendly, manners a bit old-fashioned, but not prim.
Lonely she only sometimes visits her nephew.
The neighbor caught up with me, and then only raised his eyes and saw me.
Having revived and screaming up to the woman doctor: Here’s another neighbor going, can she be able to help? I come up to our floor, and the doctor looks at me hopefully and explains: Granny called the ambulance herself, opened the door, and then she became worse, lay down, could not speak. sex hidden spy camera