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When she saw me, she was even embarrassed, she hid a mirror under her ass and put on a robe “I did gymnastics”.
That’s how we live quietly.
The construction team in the courtyard collects a bathhouse, I dig in the garden, Olga is cooking in the kitchen and in the house she is clean and in order.

In the evenings we go out on the street for a walk.

Here the whole evening life takes place on the street.
Walking girls solemnly carry their tits and asses, awaiting candidates for grooms.
The guys in the square bang a volleyball ball, and the drunks drink another bottle on the bench.
Near them, Vaska Golubkov, who was coded by Olga, toiled, and now his soul did not even accept beer. real nude webcam
After that attempt to borrow money from me without giving away drunks, they bypass not only our house, but also our street.
The townsfolk bow with us at a distance, but no one dares to approach and speak.
There were rumors among the neighbors that this retiree had a witch wife.

Using the warm days, we go swimming in the reservoir.
People from all over the city gather here and they do not know that Olga has already become known in our village as a formidable witch.
Her pretty figure in a fairly frank swimsuit attracts the attention of young guys.
And then to say, a beautiful girl, the swimsuit panties of two triangles connected by a braid half open the seductive buttocks.
They are trying to take care of her, they call her to play volleyball.
Olga almost does not react to attention of guys.
She swims with pleasure, but does not move away from the coast, because I am not a good swimmer and prefer to sunbathe on the sand.
The most sassy are trying to hug Olga.
What from the fact that in front of the old man who came with her: for them, any man over thirty years old is already an old man.
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