sexy chubby webcam I am naked.
This is my usual form of “clothes”, so to speak.
Maybe something from my clothes was preserved at the top, but I still don’t know anything about it.
I am absolutely naked, and this is my usual state.

Naked body, naked thoughts, naked soul.
I have long ceased to be ashamed of this – for this I had to endure too much bullying and humiliation.
I lost weight.
I am 180 centimeters tall.
I have brown hair, but during the first weeks of my captivity I noticed a shine of gray on my temples.
I had to pay this price for my torment, although a pair of gray hair is the smallest of them.
At least I can use shampoo, balm and comb to keep them in order.
Hair reaches shoulders.
From the time of my captivity, he cut them only once – apparently, I spent three months here.
I have grayish-green eyes.
With the right lighting, you can notice a pair of golden sparks in the depths.
The cheeks are slightly hollow, and the cheekbones now protrude more sharply than before.

I never thought that I would begin to resemble a supermodel with my thinness, but it seems that this is all about.
The swelling around the eyes that appeared there in the first days of being here has long disappeared.
Then there were too many tears, too little sleep.
Now I seem to have entered the track.
It is amazing how easily the human body gets used to everything.
Is that wrinkles added to the corners of the eyes, but not from the laughter of these wrinkles. live cam trans
I have a slim body.
I have never suffered from overweight, but the surplus that was, disappeared long ago after cruel punishments and forced isometric exercises.
He fed me differently, depending on my mood.
Once I was left without food for two days in a row, and I began to think that he had an accident – but it turned out that he just went to visit a friend, judging that I was not worth the trouble.
From the fact that I lost weight, the breast seems larger than before.

Now I felt my whole body much sharper than before – its size and proportions, color and skin condition.
When you are locked in a room seven meters by seven, without clothes, without society, with the only entertainment in the form of a mirror, you inevitably pay a little more attention to it than usual.
It’s as if I’ve re-examined every inch of my body.
like him.
Every inch already seems to have tasted both the stinging blows of the lash, and the sharp pain from the stack, and the stinging tight ropes.
I felt my weight, I knew how much suspended or tied hands or ankles would stretch under his weight.
I have already said that my breasts seem bigger now than before.
Nothing over the norm, but their size was enough for him to be strung with a rope, so that they swell even more, giving him pleasure, and I had pain that increased many times when he hung the clamps and weights from his nipples.
Under my skin, albeit slightly, stood out ribs.

The belly, still strong, went down right to where the triangle of fluffy hair had once been.
Perhaps, for all these exercises to strengthen the press, I should have been grateful to him.
if he had not tied me in such uncomfortable positions.
If it were not for this, one would imagine that I am in a regular gym.
Yeah, well.
And, of course, he shaved me.
The ideas of nature clearly did not coincide with his own, and I regularly lost all my few hairs between my legs.
Not otherwise, another element of his program of methodical humiliation.
Muscles played on the thighs and calves – not surprising, considering how much time I spent squatting, in the pig boar or on tiptoe with an ankle strut.
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