tricia fox webcam I’ll give it to him.
one more.
His moans grow louder.

Feet wrapped around his hips.

“Thank you,” he says with his eyes, “please,” I reply.
His body stiffens.
Fingers dig into my thighs.
It hurts me, but I will do it.
I will give him pleasure.
Another sharp jolt and he screams.
i scream
our moans intertwine and echo in space.
I am sure that now he sees the same thing as me.
At such moments, I believe that I can fly, and if not, he will teach me.
My guiding star.
We will take off, and I will touch the sky.
I believe.
The last hoarse moan escaping from his throat and he falls down exhausted next to me.
“It’s a pity there is no music,” I say softly.
– There is.
Do not you hear? The clock strikes midnight again. russian slut dirty talk webcams
Our cooling bodies, uneven breathing and music poured around the room.
Something sad.
As if someone is calling, begging to let go.
but no one will ever hear his call for help.
he will remain unanswered.
forever and ever.

I recently turned 18.
I have a girlfriend Olesya.
We are friends for a long time.

Since high school, from the 5th grade.
I have often been to her house.
She lives alone with her mother.
Father threw them long ago.
Recently, I often began to notice for myself that I was very excited at the sight of her mother.
Oleska looks like her great: they are like two sisters.
But of course her mother is more beautiful.
They often end up in abusive situations.
Olesya looks much older than her 19 years old, and her mother is younger than her own.
I have been dreaming about my daughter for a long time, in order to rip off an innocent kiss from her lips, to touch a girl’s breast with my hand, as if by accident, but about my mother, in a completely different way.
Any thoughts just overwhelm me to calm them down, before going to bed, to masturbate.
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