webcam foot Madam knew what to do so that he lost the remnants of a human face.
She sat on his chest with her fingers over his nipples.
– Oh, Mistress! – he almost shouted – “Tell me,” she said, wetting her index fingers with saliva and looking at the man splayed beneath her — what can you do for your Mistress? She began to stroke his nipples – Anything, Madam.
I’m your animal.

I can do anything, Madam.
All that gives you joy, Madam! – Whose are you animal? – Your, Madam, of course yours! Tell me what to do, I’ll do everything, Madam! – Shut up, animal – Aaaaaaaa !!!! – he really lost his human appearance, turning into a real animal, overwhelmed only by passion – I can not, Madam! Suddenly, the woman bent down, stretched out her hand to the bedside table and took out a ball-stopper.
She put a gag in his mouth, gently pulling the belt on the back of his head, then spread his legs and arms so that he could not move them, and tightened the collar leash so that his head was fixed.

The animal was completely in her power, and she habitually laid her hands on his chest.
Immobilized and gagged, he had no way of expressing the passion that was bursting from him, while her hands were driving him crazy.
He looked at her with a look that was distraught with passion until he felt tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Animal, you feel bad?”.
He shook his head slightly.
“Are you crying with happiness?” – he nodded in response, tears flowed down on his chest.
She smiled, pulled her hands off his chest and uncoupled the handcuffs, took off her collar and said. webcam thai
“Unhook your legs.
You can lie down next.
“They represented a strange picture.
He is crying, gagged, and completely happy.
She is lying side by side and looking at him with an almost maternal feeling.
So they lay for a long time, until she said.
“Animal, now you can talk.
Tell me how you feel. ”
She gently unfastened the strap at the back of his neck, he pushed the balloon out of his mouth and said softly.
– I love you.

You make me happy – Thank you, honey.
Fuck me, please.
I am a girl from a very wealthy family.
I live in a big mansion with my brother, my parents live in another country.
Despite the fact that my brother and I got everything in, so to speak, ready-made, we ourselves earned a lot of money.
It so happened that our family was almost always in some opposition to the law, although relatives were rarely caught, and some, including me, were never even detained at all.
In general, our business was quite legitimate – a group that unites computer technology companies, construction companies.
But few people knew about the illegal part of the business so to say: contract killings, abductions, rape: However, about the murders I only knew that my brother was killing someone, including some of those abducted.
But I often helped him achieve some goals during interrogations, blackmail, and receiving ransom.
It was convenient for both of us – it provided better control over the situation, better coordination of our people, plus we had different hobbies, but we both liked it.

If absolutely honest, I only liked raping powerful women or wives of famous men.
The vast majority of them were self-confident painted fifa.
In general, I calmly treated other representatives of my sex — even those who were much prettier than me were not annoyed, but these people stole from themselves with their full confidence in their own ideality, infallibility, permissiveness, that they could always achieve everything.
It was a special pleasure for me to refute their idea that it is never with them that nothing bad will happen, well, except that the car will be smashed, but there is a papa or they will always cope with everything.
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