webcam girl toys “They seem to have locked us in,” stated K.
in my face.
– Oh, and what to do? – the voice of the girl sounded scared.

– What to do? I think the security must notice that the light is on in my office.
Go check, and we just knock to open, – I announced a plan of action.
And then he thought that my light could also be extinguished.
And I left my cell phone in the office.
– Let’s at least get to know you.
My name is Dmitry.
And you? – Anna.
– Do you have a mobile phone with you by any chance? “No, I stayed on the table,” Anya replied sadly.
– Look at it easier.
Then there will be something to tell colleagues! – I tried to cheer up the girl.
Only now I began to feel how closely here.
We stood very close, it was almost impossible not to touch each other.
And the darkness was such that almost nothing was visible.
But I even was pleased with such an involuntary imprisonment.
– A husband and children are probably waiting for you at home? – I asked.
– No I’m not married.
I live with my mother.
– I’m with a cat! The girl laughed softly.
It seems that the situation began to bother her somewhat less.
– Dima, can I ask you to ask? – Her voice again became anxious and uncertain.
– Of course! About anything.
– I.

I wanted to use the toilet.
Could you.
Turn away. usb webcam for pc
It seemed to me that I see through the darkness how the face of a girl is filled with paint.
– Yes Yes.
Of course.
Do not worry.
I hurried to turn to the wall, although I still would not see anything.
“Thank you,” said Anya quietly.
I heard the sound of a zipper unbuttoned on the skirt, the rustling of clothes.
Relaxing in Anya in these circumstances did not work out right away, and I heard the sound of a jet after three minutes.
Then she began to rustle the packaging with napkins, clothes again, and zipped up (obviously with difficulty).
The water flushed down the toilet.
– Everything.
In order? – I asked, not knowing what else to say.
“Yes,” the girl replied softly.
I turned around and was very close to her.
I felt her warmth and breath.
I suddenly wanted to touch her, no, I already wanted to hug her! I scolded myself for such thoughts and began to try to distract myself by talking with my “imprisonment colleague”.
At first we talked about some abstract things: about work, about the weather.
Anya felt more relaxed.
Gradually, communication began to lean toward personal topics.
I talked about my past family life and this bachelor.
But the story of Ani was terrifying.

As it turned out, Anna lost her father early.
She was 4 years old.
She hardly remembered him.
Father’s place was taken by his stepfather, when the girl was 6 years old.
It was a real scumbag, but his mother had some kind of irresistible passion for him.
Stepfather worked at a construction site.
He earned good money, but drank a lot and often enough.
While intoxicated, he beat and raped Ani’s mother, sometimes before her eyes.
Anya herself also got it.
And the older she got – the more often.
And then sexual harassment began.
At first, he forced the girl to undress in front of him when his wife was not at home.
And then he satisfied himself by forcing him to look at it.
If Anya refused, he beat her with a belt, including her face.
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