webcam mccouple7 sex video They called from an unknown number, and Marina answered the call.
– Marina is Igor, I wanted.
– Marina did not let him finish speaking, but only shouted into the phone in their hearts – Fuck you! – burst out of her, and she pressed the end button.
After 10 minutes, he called her again from another number, quickly said that the club gave her his half received at the auction.

Marina’s first reaction was to send Igor again with all the money, and she silently hung up.
But after a while, Reason took over the emotions.
For the full amount you can buy a very good car and there will be a lot left.
And it’s high time Marina needed to change a car that was in its tenth year.
Marina herself called Igor – What do you want, freak? – Evil she asked.
– Marina, the club has decided to compensate you for undeserved suffering and gives its part of the money received from the auction.
When and where can I transfer money to you?

At the meeting, when Igor handed over to Marina Marina the payment “for torment,” she asked: – What do I owe to the club’s generosity? – One of our clients before the party, said that he wants to invest a large amount in our club and offered to discuss this issue after the event.
As proof of his intentions, he arranged an auction with a fantastic bid, meaning that the money will go to the club.
When he realized that he had to pay you, he simply doubled the amount.
Then we went into the hall to look around the room, heard your moan, he became terribly angry and ordered to give you the second half of the amount.
– And what prevented you from taking money yourself and not giving it to me? “This client is not at all the right person to do that.”
The amount is large, for the like and shoot. webcam mccouple7 sex video
– gangster? – An authoritative businessman, let’s say.
Yes, he also asked you to find out if you are satisfied with the compensations and how you want him to punish the worker who tried you.
– And this your worker, he that sadist? – Marina left the answer.
– Apparently yes, he works for us quite recently.

Now he is fired.
So what should I answer our client? Marina decided that she had no need to get involved with the gangsters – I am satisfied with the compensation, I have no complaints about the institution, I have been satisfied with the penalties of your full-time sadist.
The question is closed once and for all.
Is this your gangster going to harass me now? – No, this is impossible.
– Igor, what does it mean to bastard? – Bastinado – it strikes a thin stick on the soles of the feet.
Very painful and leaves almost no traces.
Why do you have such a question? – Yes, yes, I heard somewhere by chance – Marina decided not to develop the topic, but she was glad to herself that Igor had decided to go to the gym with this thug in time.
– Well.
Marina, I still hope for our further cooperation, despite this unpleasant incident.
In the envelope flash drive with your photos from the party including the incident.
– Igor gave Marina a piece of paper with a long sequence of incomprehensible letters and numbers – This is a password for the archive with a photo.
– Fuck you.
– Marina barely restrained.

She cursed very rarely and only in exceptional cases.
Marina, returning home, for a long time looking at their photos from the event on the computer.
She certainly looked gorgeous in all kinds.
And if it were not so painful, she would be ready for repetition.
She caught herself thinking that everything that existed before the servitude of the minister was a pleasure for her to remember.
Despite the pain, it is quite tolerable, for some reason I wanted to repeat.
It took about six months.
Marina was even glad that Igor had forgotten about her.
But then, at the end of the working day, Marinin’s phone informed her about the arrival of SMS.
Marina looked – and the first desire was to erase without reading.
However, curiosity took over and Marina still read the message.
In it, Igor asked to call him back at a convenient time.
Prior to this, he always made such SMS messages to Marina that there would be a conversation that she might not want, even fragmentary, to make available to others.

And this time, Marina called Igor back on the way home.
“What do you want this time, freak?” – Marina asked politely – Marina, in vain you are angry with me.
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