webcam new He spent all the time while she was in the bathroom, kneeling, with her face buried in her panties, with her arms folded behind her back.
At last, familiar steps were heard and he straightened his back to see his Lady.
She entered the room in a bathrobe, looked around in a businesslike manner and said cheerfully – Oh, animal! – I’m here, Madam – Well, tell me what you want? – To serve you, Madam.
Satisfy your whims, Madam.

To give you pleasure, Madam.
Do what you say, Madam.
– And now specifically, what do you want? The woman first opened her dressing gown and immediately took it off, looking down from above imperatively-mockingly.
He caught his breath – half a meter from him stood his Mistress, completely naked, the dark triangle of her hair was just below his eyes and it was impossible to take his eyes off him.
“I would like to please you with my tongue, Madam,” his voice was hoarse, his throat was dry.
– What is it like? – She said derisively, approaching him a little – Kissing you, there, between the legs.
– Where?

How it’s called? What do you call it mentally? – Madam: – Tell me the words that you use when you masturbate.
You are.
How do you, by the way, to yourself call it? – her voice became imperative and demanded an answer -: masturbate.
– Hm: So you masturbate me? – Yes Milady.
– So how do you mentally call it? – Lick pussy.
Or pissenka.
Or pussy.
But lick, precisely lick, Madam.
Yes, Madam, let me lick you a pussy? Please, Mrs. !! – in his voice appeared frenzy notes. webcam new
– And when you masturbate, do you lick something? – I sometimes put a pillow on top – Good, animal.
But lick until I give you.
“Yes, Madam,” he said in a deaf voice.
– For now, kiss my ass.
Hands can be removed from behind.
The woman lay on her stomach, moving the pillow under her, and spread her legs slightly.
He pressed his lips to her buttock, quickly moving to her ass, to the place where the little hairs grew.
He walked his tongue through these hairs and ran his tongue inside, right and left, enjoying the gentle tickling on the tongue.

Then he rounded his lips, pulled them right up to his ass, and began to eagerly lick her, then trying to get his tongue inside, then licked the edges.
The happy rumbling of a man and the relaxed moans of a woman filled a small room.
She relaxed completely, as if on a massage, her hands lay quietly along her body, her ass lifted by the pillow slightly lifted and letting her pet splash out her devotion and affection.
After some time, she opened her eyes and easily moved her hip.
– Madam? – he said inquiringly – Well, the animal.
Enough He got off the bed and knelt, devotedly looking at his Lady.
She slowly turned over on her back, raised herself on her elbows and pulled her legs to herself, revealing to his eyes pale pink flesh surrounded by dark curly hair.
– Madam !.
– he said on the exhale, not noticing that he unconsciously makes barely noticeable movements with his tongue – Animal, if you ask again whether you can lick me, I will send you to the corridor where you will lick my shoes.
– Yes Milady.
– I have a good animal.

Take off your T-shirt.
Hands back.
After he quickly removed his T-shirt and clasped his hands behind him, the woman stretched her legs to his nipples and began to stroke them with her toes.
The lady knew her animal, knew that it was driving him crazy.
Afraid to speak, he gritted his teeth and groaned, trying to hold back.
The woman was not very comfortable, she stopped this sweet torture and said, lying on her stomach.
– Kiss me back.
– Yes Milady.
– Chest: – Yes, Madam.
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