webcam sex blonde At home, putting ice on my split lip, Eugene rubbed for a long time that he would not tolerate betrayal, if that does not suit me, then I can go to all four sides, which he is good and faithful, and I am a dog.
The lip healed, and the realization that I was his only one was warm for a long time.
I wanted to live together, I understand – not worth it, the boys will not understand, but I want something? I invited a programmer from the office home to set up remote access.
The guy is straight, but dressed strangely: a bunch of tsatsek, pants in a coat, shoes with heels, hair long, dyed, makeup.

Timka and Tokha sent for a walk so as not to interfere with work.

And ten minutes had not passed, as Florist appeared, chattering and ringing at the door. best arab sex website
Apparently he did not see anything reprehensible, demanded the keys to my apartment, and in response he threw them at me and left.
Once he had courage and asked – “Does he want more children?”
The answer stunned me – “What the hell, we already have two! Or, bitch, have you already walked somewhere?

He didn’t remind me that it’s hard for me to “work up”; I’m still more on my own sex.
But the fact that he does not divide our children is very important for me, and also that there is “we”! Without a twinge of conscience, he throws up the boys to his parents, he growls at all my attempts to refuse – “the air is good for them,” and he has regular sex.
I love him, but I will bite my tongue out faster, and he will choke with laughter if I confess to him.
I do not consciously raise the question of his orientation, otherwise it’s hard to put his “specifications” on his bed.
Anton and Timka have gathered today in the shopping center, well, it’s free all day, for Zhenka in the afternoon to work, but we will be in time.
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